Taco Tri: How it all started

Posted by: Hello Kammok

Barton Springs, July 2018

AUSTIN, TEXAS –– In 2016 a couple of Kammok employees wanted to do an early morning bike/run/swim before work. They thought it'd be fun to get tacos after, told their friends and it soon became an Austin community event. Thus, the Taco Tri was born. 

On the first Thursday of each month, the brave early-morning souls of the Kammok community come together before dawn to ride bikes along Lady Bird Lake to the Violet Crown trailhead, followed by a dip in Barton Springs pool.

Pedestrian Bridge on Town Lake July 2019
Pedestrian Bridge on Town Lake July 2019

Although a triathlon at first glance seems intimidating, the event is inclusive of everyone with a casual social bike ride, go-at-your-own-pace trail jog, and a splash in the pool. No laps required, unless of course you wanted to. No matter how much you challenged yourself or came because your friend was there, everyone had the same motivation: do it for the love of tacos. 

It's a requirement to seal the triathlon off with a taco. Kammok HQ's resident taco food truck, Granny's, supplied breakfast tacos for every participant after the pedal back to Kammok. 


Pre-COVID gathering at Granny’s for Tacos

Pre-COVID gathering at Granny’s for Tacos

In 2020 when everything went virtual, so did Taco Tri. In October of that year we launched the Kammok Taco Tri Strava Club. It has now become a world-wide Kammok community event tracked through Strava. Each month anyone who wants to run, bike or swim in their own part of the world can join the club, track their activity, and connect with others around the globe who are doing the same thing. We also have given prizes to some ambitious folks to did all three activities, conquered the highest elevation, and went the longest distance. 

Mike Lane, Winner of The Highest Elevation Gain in Granada, Spain


Dana Bruhis, Winner of Completing Virtual Taco Tri running and biking in Colorado 

Every first Thursday of the month, the Taco Tri will live on virtually (for now). Here's how you can participate in the upcoming event:

  1. Join the Kammok Taco Tri Strava Club
  2. Say "I'm in!" to the upcoming Run and Bike events. (Strava does not support Swim event at this time, however we will still be able to see your activity if you do this!)
  3. Complete at least one of the three activities, and track your activity on Strava. 
  4. Finish at your favorite taco spot, or make them at home.

Starting for our May 2021 event, we will be sending a limited edition Taco Tri sticker to every new participant! Say you're doing the Taco Tri by filling out this short Finisher Registration to receive your sticker after the event.