6 Ways to Enjoy National Camp at Home Day

Posted by: Hello Kammok

National Camp at Home Day was started two years ago as a way to experience camp when travel restrictions were in place, but it lives on today as a reminder to pause wherever you are and take a step outside. Sounds pretty simple, right? That’s because it is! On March 27th, we celebrate outdoor restoration at home. Whether you’re too busy to plan your next camping trip, you’ve got little ones at home that aren’t quite ready for the backcountry, or you’re just looking for a reason to set up your tent and roast some marshmallows, this day is for you. Take a break from the weekly hustle and bustle and experience the magic of basecamp.

1. Prep your gear for spring adventures.

The backyard and the living room are great places to double and triple check that all your gear is still in tip top shape and that no crucial pieces are missing. Maybe your bugnet has a hole that you didn’t notice before (shoot!), or you accidentally left an apple core in your sleeping bag and it’s been developing a special kind of funk (tarnation!). We get it. Sometimes when you get home from a long weekend, you just wanna shove your gear in the closet and move on. Hopefully you won’t find any surprises in your gear box, but if so, the 27th offers an opportunity to sort things out ahead of time.

Woman sitting in hammock in backyard petting dog.



2. Explore a new local park.

We all have that one local spot that we’ve yet to explore. It’s been on our list for over a year, and we’ve still yet to go. Hopefully National Camp at Home Day is just the motivation you need to stop making excuses and go check it out. Go find a new hammock spot, hike on a new trail, or play a round of disc golf. Take a cold beer along, and you really can’t lose.

Two women sitting in hammocks, smiling.



3. Have an adventure themed movie night.

The best way to get amped about your next big adventure? Settle in and have a low-key adventure movie night! Sure, we’d all rather be out exploring our favorite national park for days on end, but when all you have is a Sunday night, it can be pretty restorative to live vicariously through someone else for an hour and a half. We’ve put together a list of our favorite films to stream right now, and we hope you’ll find them just as inspiring as we did.

Outdoor movie setup with projector, a few chairs, and a campfire with forest backdrop.



4. Enjoy a cocktail on your balcony.

Again, the goal here is to just get outside. Plain and simple. We really can’t think of anything better, especially as beautiful spring weather rolls into the Lone Star State, than taking an hour or two to decompress outside with a book and a cocktail. The bar is low, people. Like low low. But we believe the restoration these moments can provide is huge. Take a deep breath, shut the laptop, set down your phone, and crank some tunes on your outdoor patio. This is the fresh air, and the delicious cold beverage, you deserve. Plus, we've got   the perfect cocktail recipe for ya!

cocktail with cut grapefruit, can of sparkling water, and fresh rosemary



5. Invite friends over for a cookout.

Honestly if we could just get rid of kitchens, we would. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, but man…cooking over an open fire? There’s really nothing better. Not only do you have the benefit of outdoor cooking, but once the fire is piping hot, you’ve also just created the perfect place to gather for you and your friends. Cook some steaks, bust out the marshmallows, maybe even pass a bottle of whiskey around the fire if you’re feeling extra frisky. National Camp at Home Day only comes once a year, so you might as well enjoy it the right way!

Man squatting in front of grill, cooking steaks over roaring fire.



6. Plan your next far flung adventure.

We’re calling on the crazy adventure planners of the group with this one. There’s no better place than fireside with a bottle of your favorite spirit to get your best buds to commit to the next big camping trip. We even have a cool segue that’s sure to win the crowd over: “Wow, camping at home is so fun! You know what would also be fun? Going camping in Montana!” Talk about a seamless transition. Now you’re ready to pitch your next big backpacking or river trip. 

five friends gathered around a campfire at night.


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