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Roo Single UL

Ultralight camping hammock


At 5.6 oz, the Roo Single Ultralight is our lightest camping hammock. The Roo Single Ultralight is suspended by an innovative toggle system and constructed with breathable Levitas™ fabric to minimize weight and maximize comfort.

    Granite Gray
    Ember Orange
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    Product Information

    Ultralight suspension
    The Roo Single Ultralight hammock is suspended by our secure, ultralight toggle-and-loop system. The toggles provide a lighter weight alternative to heavier carabiners, and integrate with traditional straps and whoopie slings.

    Breathable comfort
    Levitas™ 20D nylon ripstop fabric offers an ultralight, breathable alternative to heavier hammock fabrics. A DWR coating protects the ultralight hammock from rain and moisture, while still letting you catch the breeze.

    Compressed packing
    When the Roo Single Ultralight is unfurled, it provides a comfortable berth for overnight camping. Packed down, the hammock becomes truly pocket-sized in its Sil/PU coated stuff sack.

    Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    Best Use
    Backpacking and ultralight hammock camping
    Total Packed Weight
    5.6 oz / 159 g
    Max Weight Capacity
    300 lb / 136 kg
    Recreation Capacity
    1 person
    Unpacked Dimensions
    4 ft 2 in × 8 ft 4 in / 127 cm x 254 cm
    Packed Dimensions
    3.25 in × 5.25 in / 8.2 cm x 13.3 cm
    Product Material
    Levitas™ 20D ripstop nylon with DWR waterproofing
    Stuff Sack Material
    Patagium™ 15D diamond ripstop nylon with Sil/PU + DWR waterproofing
    Ultralight toggles
    Gear Loops
    1 × Roo Single Ultralight™ hammock; 1 x Ultralight toggle suspension; 1 x Water-resistant stuff sack
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    Care Instructions / FAQ's

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to order straps?

    Straps are not included. Make sure you order a set of Python 10 Ultralight straps (or one of our other straps) to get your hammock off the ground and your adventure on its way.

    Why are there loops along the sides of the Roo Single?

    There are 8 gear loops for quick access to gear. Attach a water bottle, headlamp, stuff sack, or any other gear you want to keep close.

    How many people can fit in the Roo Single UL?

    The Roo Single hangs and sleeps one adult comfortably. With a max capacity of 300 lb, we don't recommend lounging or sleeping with two people.

    What is the difference between the Roo Single and Roo Single UL?

    The biggest difference between the Roo Single and Roo Single Ultralight is the weight and suspension of the hammock. The Roo Single weighs 10 oz and has a 400 lb capacity, while the Roo Single weighs 5.6 oz and features a 300 lb capacity. The Roo Single also utilizes an ultralight toggle suspension system to cut weight.

    Roo Single UL

    Roo Single UL

    Granite Gray
    Ember Orange