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Sustainably Made
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Outdoor Hammock Lounge

Cloud White
Granite Gray
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The Baya was made for breezy, backyard lounging. This communal outdoor lounge features space for three hammocks, all-weather construction, and adaptable design to take your time outside to new heights. Awarded Best Hammock Winner in the Men's Health Outdoor Awards for 2020. Hammocks and table sold separately.

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Complete your setup:

Baya Table addon
Baya Table Baya Table Accessory
Baya Umbrella Base addon
Baya Umbrella Base Baya Umbrella Accessory

Baya elevates your backyard into a staycation oasis. Well-suited for your weekend barbecues and your laid-back weeknight drinks.

Fits 3
Modern &
Baya lifestyle image

Baya is built for the backyard. A high-end, low-profile hammock stand, Baya transforms into an adaptable outdoor lounge.

Baya lifestyle image

Customize your lounge experience. Baya is built to encompass a table for dining, a cooler for drinks, a patio umbrella for sunny days, and a whole line of accessories to come. Table sold separately.

Baya lifestyle image

Inspired by the clean flowing lines of modern sculptures, the Baya features a low profile and contemporary design. Just like an art piece that sparks conversation, the Baya brings people together.

Tech Specs
FAQ & Care

All-weather construction

Constructed with a durable steel base and stainless steel hardware, the Baya will see you through many seasons of poolside gatherings and the happiest of happy hours. Powder coated for a rust resistant and polished addition to your backyard.

Adaptable design for cooler and umbrella attachments

Baya compliments backyards and cabanas with comfy lounge seating. Add the modular table to create an outdoor relaxation zone that's functional and comfortable. A perfect companion for pairing a cooler or umbrella on sunny days. Baya Table sold separately.

Ultimate outdoor lounging spot

Elevating time outside with the family is no longer limited to the perfect huddle of trees. Baya creates a communal lounge, comfortably seats up to 6, to easily pass snacks and share stories.

Fits three hammocks

Best paired with a Roo Double hammock for maximum seating, Baya is also compatible with Roo Single and Roo Jr hammocks.

Tech Specs

Best Used for

Recreational use, backyard lounging



  • 1 × Baya Hammock Stand (with brace bars)
  • 1 × Stainless steel hardware
  • 6 × Baya hammock straps

Hammocks, table and umbrella not included


*Based on prototypes; dimensions are subject to change

Setup Dimensions
Triangle side dimensions
L 138 x W 138 x H 138 in
L 350.5 x W 350.5 x H 350.5 cm

L 138 x W 133 x H 46 in
L 350.5 x W 338 x H 117 cm

Hammock Connection point distance
132 in

Boxed Dimensions
L 62 x W 14 x H 14 in
L 162.5 x W 35.5 x H 35.5 cm


*Based on prototypes; weights are subject to change

Total Packed Weight
100 lb / 45.4 kg


Lounge Capacity
1-6 people

Sleep Capacity
3 person (recommended)

Max Weight Capacity
900 lb / 408.2 kg


Table Materials
Powder Coated steel tubing, Stainless steel hardware, Baya hammock straps

FAQ & Care

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included with my Baya purchase?

1 Baya Stand, Stainless steel hardware, tools for setup, Baya hammock straps.

Are hammocks included with my Baya purchase?

No, hammocks are not included with your Baya purchase. The Baya is sized to perfectly fit a Roo Double, but comes with Baya hammock straps for indirectly attaching hammocks of different lengths, such as the Roo Jr., Roo Single.

What size hammock can fit in the Baya hammock stand?

The Baya is compatible with the Roo Double, Roo Single, and Roo Jr., including other hammock brands with carabiner and ultralight suspension systems. Use the included Baya hammock straps to attach shorter length hammocks such as the Roo Jr. and Roo Single. The Roo Double XL is too long to use with the Baya.

Do I need to use hammock straps with the Baya?

You do not need hammock straps to hang a Roo Double on the Baya. Use the included Baya hammock straps to attach shorter length hammocks such as the Roo Jr. and Roo Single.

What cooler is compatible in the table?

Circular coolers are compatible with the table center insert that is 22.5” in diameter. The center hole of the table is sized to easily fit a Yeti Tank 85 Ice Bucket. The Baya table is sold separately. /p>

What umbrella is compatible? What size is recommended?

We recommend an outdoor umbrella with an 11ft diameter to cover all three hammocks. The Baya Umbrella Base fits up to a 1.75” pole diameter. When using an umbrella, we recommend pairing the Baya Umbrella Base and Baya table, sold separately.

What accessories will be available to use with the Baya?

Accessories are sold separately, and offer modular capabilities to make the Baya your own. During the first preorder, we will offer the Baya Table accessory, which includes an insert for a circular cooler, and the Baya umbrella base mount.

Can I leave my Baya outside for extended periods?

Yes, the Baya was designed for all-weather durability, built with steel and powder coated to last in any element you leave it in. Leave it up on the patio, in the garden or by the pool.

How many people can hang safely in the Baya hammock stand?

The Baya hammock stand can safely hang up to 1500lb, we recommend no more than two people in a hammock at any given time.

What is the weight capacity of the Baya?

The maximum weight limit of the Baya is 1500lbs when weight is equally distributed, or 500lbs per hammock.

Can I sleep overnight in the Baya hammock stand?

Yes, you can sleep overnight in the hammock stand. We recommend no more than three people sleep overnight in the Baya at a given time.

Does the Mantis all-in-one hammock fit in the Baya?

The Mantis will fit on the Baya Hammock stand. However you may not be able to adequately guy-out both sides of the bug netting.

Can I attach a Dragonfly bug net to the Baya?

The Dragonfly bug net and Baya will seamlessly integrate with a Roo Single or Double.

Can I attach a Ridgeline Organizer or Joey Gear Sling to the Baya?

The Baya does not have a dedicated attachment point for the Ridgeline Organizer or Joey Gear Sling at this time. We do not recommend hanging a Joey underneath the hammock in the Baya.

Can I attach an underquilt to my hammock in the Baya?

Yes, all of our trail quilts fit underneath a hammock while set up in the Baya hammock stand. Setting up your underquilt is the same as if hung on trees. The elastic cord of your quilt should be attached to the hammock carabiners.

How do I use a rain tarp with the stand?

To use a rain tarp with your Baya, you’ll need tarp poles, hiking poles, posts or trees to hang the tarp above you. At this time rain tarps do not have a dedicated attachment point with the Baya hammock stand.

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Outdoor Hammock Lounge

Cloud White
Granite Gray