Ursa: Is it worth it?

Posted by: Kammok

Since launching the Ursa Sleep System on Kickstarter, the most common question we've received has been the rhetorical "$600?!" So we thought we'd break down how we landed on what some folks are considering an above average price tag. With everything that's included, we'll show you how we're actually beating the competition on comfort and on price. By a lot.

Ursa - Is it worth it?

Now that we’ve shown you the price comparison, let’s get into the main differences between Ursa and the competition.


Complete Integration

When you buy five different products from five different brands, you end up with a Frankenstein sleep system that was never intended to work together. And no one wants to go to sleep with Frankenstein in their tent. Ursa’s asymmetrical zippers combine each component into one cohesive sleep system intentionally designed for the best night’s sleep.


Premium Foam

With six total inches of premium foam, including a 4” self-inflating base pad and a premium 2” memory foam topper, Ursa offers double the amount of separation between you and the ground when compared to other complete sleep systems (ones that offer an integrated quilt and hood) on the market.


Easy Setup

No one wants to bring a bulky pump to camp, and with Ursa, you don’t have to. The self-inflating base pad makes setup a breeze, needing only 3-5 breaths to top it off to your desired level of firmness. If you’re looking for memory foam comfort at camp and a simple setup, Ursa is the only option on the market.


Single vs. Double

You shouldn’t have to choose between a single and double camp bed. Ursa allows you to have solo trips and overnights with your partner alike—the only sleep system on the market that can be combined with a second to make a complete bed for two.


Oversized Camp Pillow

The camp pillow has been long overdue for a revamp, and the Ursa pillow is just that—designed to be as comfy as your pillow from home but packable enough for any adventure. Soft-touch fabrics combined with two inches of premium foam separate it from the crowd of camp pillows that make you feel like you’re sleeping on a balloon. Plus, the adjustable air core means you can fine tune it for your specific sleep style.



We started dreaming this product up over a year ago when tent camping in Big Bend National Park. When we looked at what was offered in the marketplace, we saw huge gaps that we wanted to address. Ursa combines premium foam, super soft fabrics, and intuitive integration to guarantee your best sleep under the stars. Plus, Ursa is backed by our Adventure Grade lifetime guarantee. To take advantage of Early Bird pricing on Kickstarter, back now! You’ll score a discounted price and a FREE Ursa Pillow.


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