Wrapping Up National Camp at Home Day

Posted by: Hello Kammok

Another National Camp at Home Day has come and gone, and we can’t say thanks enough to everyone who participated. You wowed us yet again with your creativity. From indoor campfires and starry skies to an actual outdoor igloo, you guys absolutely crushed it. We geeked out over your clever hammock spots and perfectly roasted mallows, but with over 500 campsites globally, more than anything we were in awe of the sense of community that continues to develop around this event.

This year, as we focused more on preparedness, we invited a few of our friends to share a bit about hitting the trail, sustainable camping, adventuring with kids, and a whole lot more. Check out our previous blog posts if you haven’t already, and get ready for the camping season! It’s spring here in Texas, with wild flowers blooming and bright green leaves budding from formerly barren trees, and the Kammok team is ready to hit the trail. We hope you’ll do the same. Take the confidence of having just pitched your tent in your backyard or living room, and go check off a new national or state park!

This day started as a way to cope with the quarantine blues, but with your help, we hope to build this into a community event for campers who are always learning and preparing for the next big adventure. If you haven’t already, join the conversation on our National Camp at Home Day Facebook group. We created this space for people to learn and get inspired from one another, and as a way to help each other get ready for whatever campsite is calling you next. Share your favorite gear, camping recipes, parks, or whatever gets you excited to be outside with the people you love. 

Until next year, campers! We’ll see you on the trail.