Outpost: Vehicle Rack Compatibility

Posted by: Hello Kammok

The universal mount included with every Outpost is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of roof racks.

What's Included: 

  • 1 detachable ball bracket
  • 2 clamp plates
  • 2 bolts for ball bracket
  • 2 hex nuts for ball bracket
  • 2 t-slot nuts
  • 4 clamp plate bolts
  • 4 hex nuts for clamp plates
  • 2 foam pads for clamp plates

Cross Bar Compatibility

The image below shows how the universal mount is assembled for cross bar compatibility. This assembly utilizes all of the included parts except for the 2 t-slot nuts.

Rendering of Outpost universal mount.

Outpost is designed to mount to all standard cross bars as seen in the following image: 

Outpost universal mount attached to cross bars.

Need more rack space? Outpost is designed to work with the universal mount attached on the underside of cross bars as well: 

Outpost universal mount attached to underside of cross bars.

T-Slot Compatibility 

The next image shows how the universal mount is assembled for t-slot compatibility. This assembly utilizes the detachable ball bracket, 2 bolts, and 2 t-slot nuts.

T-slot assembly of the Outpost universal mount.

Outpost easily mounts to your rack's t-slots as seen in this image: 

Outpost universal mount attached to roof rack's t-slot.

Additional Mounting Options

The universal mount can also attach to these style racks using the two clamp plates:

Platform-Style Racks

Outpost attached to Prinsu-style rack

Basket-Style Racks

Outpost attached to ARB basket-style rack

Truck Bed Cargo Racks

Outpost attached to truck bed cargo rack.

Custom Mounting

Additionally, the Outpost universal mount can be custom mounted to a variety of racks using the detachable ball bracket as seen below: 

Outpost universal mount attached to truck bed rack.

Outpost mounted to platform rack with custom fit.


For more information on how Outpost can attach to your vehicle, please reach out to us here.