Hammock Set Up & Care From Home

Posted by: Hello Kammok

Once you’ve picked out which Kammok hammock style works best for you and your favorite color (we think that’s the hardest part), it’s time to learn how to hang and care for it. We’ve compiled a guide for all your hammock care needs that can be applied to any Kammok hammock type (Roo Single, Roo Double, Roo Jr., Roo Double XL, and Roo Single UL)


How to Set Up Your Hammock

Applies to all Kammok hammock types excluding the Roo Single UL.

Find two points to hang your hammock between. Each hammock size calls for a slightly wider or narrower set up, however the standard to look out for is 12-15 feet. Grab your hammock straps. Wrap the widest part of the strap around the tree or post.

Pull the strap through the end with the single loop. Ensure to loop your straps around the tree about 6 ft high.

Unbuckle the rolled up top from your Roo hammock and pull out the fabric. Clip the hammock carabiner through one of the Python strap loops and repeat this step on the other side.

Tip: Clip the strap bag onto hammock carabiner for safe keeping.

For a safety check, press into the center of the hammock to test before sitting down. Adjust your hammock as needed to rest at a 30 degree angle and try out the other ways of hanging below.

How to Hang In Your Hammock 

Applies to all camping hammock types.

Who said hammocks are only for laying down? There’re so many ways to hang in your favorite Kammok hammock depending on where you are and who you’re with. Here are a few of our favorite ways to hang. 

The Chair - Perfect for talking in a group, watching the sunset or hanging around a campfire. An easy way to sit upright and relax with legs hanging over the hammock or cross legged. 

The Lounge - Our favorite way to nap, relax and look up at the sky on a starry night. Lay diagonally, spreading the hammock fabric for space and comfort. This one is great for cuddling with your adventure dog (or human).

The Perch- A good way to hang while reading a book or hanging with a buddy in a Roo Double or Double XL. Scoot to one end of your hammock and sit upright while keeping your legs straight.


How to Pack Your Hammock 

Applies to all camping hammock types.

When you’re done using your hammock for the day, it’s important to pack it after each use to protect the fabric from long-term exposure to the elements. 

To do this, unclip one side of the hammock and pack it into the stuff sack, one side at a time. Then, unclip the second side of the hammock. We recommend keeping the carabiners on the top. 

Roll the stuff sack twice and and buckle the sides. 
Roll up each Python strap and place them back into the stuff sack.  


How to Wash Your Hammock

Applies to all Kammok hammock types excluding the Roo Single UL. Hand wash Roo Single UL only.

If your hammock is soiled or stained from all your epic adventures, we recommend hand washing when possible. However, avoid washing your hammock frequently since this will deteriorate the DWR coating and lessen durability of the fabric over time.

If using a washing machine is necessary, make sure to use one without a center agitator as this can tear up the fabric. Remove the carabiners and slings prior to washing.

Place the hammock fabric in the washing machine.

Fill the Grangers Down Wash + Repel cap to the recommended level. A gentle powder  detergent will work as well. Do not use fabric softener, bleach, or stain removal products.

Wash the hammock fabric by itself on a gentle, cold-water setting.  Hang dry in a warm and non-humid environment until the fabric is no longer damp. Once the fabric is completely dried out, attach the slings and carabiners to the ends. You can use an unopened pen to help thread the sling back through the hammock fabric.

Your hammock is clean and ready for more time outside.


These tips and guidelines will help you make the most of your Kammok hammock. Make sure to check out our Help Center FAQ for all of your product use and care questions.