Seven ways to fit time outside into your schedule

Posted by: Emily Tam

A recent survey found that more than half of adults spend five hours or less in nature each week. Competing priorities and access to the outdoors were the leading reasons to explain this decline in outdoor experiences. We get it. Spending time outside is low on most people’s to-do list, especially in our digital age. 

In line with our mission to elevate time outside, we want to offer the Kammok community different ways to enjoy and experience time outside. We took a look at seven daily activities our team takes part in, no matter how crazy the week, and asked how we might move those from indoor to outdoor.

  • Take your calls on a walk-and-talk basis
  • Having to listen in on calls for work? Head to the nearest green space for a walk and talk. It’s an easy way to get moving and spend time outside during the work week. Bonus: take your lunch break outside, too. 

  • Commute to work by foot, bike or bus
  • Walking to work or even walking to the bus station drastically reduces your carbon footprint, and allows you to spend more time outside. Try one of these options for your commute at least once a week, if you can.

  • Move wind-down activities - reading, yoga, meditating - outside
  • Nature provides the best environment for restorative experiences, allowing you to de-stress even if only for a few minutes each day.

  • Ditch the gym, head for the greenbelt
  • Free and open to everyone, greenbelts and walking trails can provide an alternative to running and working out in the gym.

  • Try a picnic for date night
  • For next week’s date night, switch it up with a charcuterie board and a bottle of wine at a local park or vista. Spending time outside, among other benefits, has shown to improve prosocial behaviors and connectivity among people.

  • Swap a tv series with a podcast, and listen in your hammock
  • We might be biased, but Dirtbag Diaries is our favorite podcast this year. Hang your hammock, close your eyes, and listen uninterrupted. 

  • Turn weekend getaways into escapes outdoors
  • Typically more affordable than hotels or airbnbs, campsites and cabins at local state and national parks are an alternate way to spend the weekend. Try HipCamp for even more options on private lands.

    Among the benefits to spending more time outside are better health, reduced stress, and improved relational and social skills.