7 New Year's Resolutions to Get You Outdoors More in 2022

Posted by: Lawton Cook
Kammok is on a mission to make 2022 the year of restoration. We feel most rejuvenated when we seek time outside on a daily basis, even if only that only means stepping outside for fifteen minutes. Here are seven super achievable ways that you can find the outside rest you're looking for.


1. Go camping once a month.

This might sound like an ambitious goal, but that’s what goal setting is all about! Car camping with a few friends or your family is always a great way to get outside and decompress. Plus, between national, state, and county parks, plus the addition of sites like Hipcamp, finding a last-minute campsite is usually possible. When adventure calls, book a campsite!


2. Take some work calls outside.

The nice thing about work calls is that you can take them almost anywhere. Bring the office outside, stretch your legs, and enjoy the fresh, open air. A small step like this can really refresh your day. Who says getting outside always has to be an adventure?


3. Cook outside more.

This is a team favorite for the Kammok crew. On the one hand, cooking outside is a bit of a production compared to quick pre-made meals, but we’d argue the finished product is always better with open-fire cooking. 

Bonus: It’s simply good for the soul. Recent favorites: grilled broccoli, sweet potatoes, and flash-grilled romaine heads. Toss them in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and throw them directly on the grill. Top with lime juice or balsamic and some grated parmesan before serving to really kick up the flavor.

Looking for dessert? Check out our favorite s’mores recipes here.


4. Sunset walks for the win.

By far our favorite time of day is golden hour, and if you work a typical 8-5, your schedule is likely clear when the sun is going down. To us, there’s no better way to enjoy the sunset than with a walk around the neighborhood. You could even pack some snacks and your favorite picnic blanket, and head up to the most epic sunset spot you can think of.


5. Sign up for an outdoor race or club.

Signing up for a race can be a great way to motivate yourself to get outside more. If you have ambitions to run, cycle, or swim any distance, the promise of a future event can be just the extra push you need to get outside and do what you love more often. If you’re looking for a change of pace, consider an adventure race. These often rely more heavily on the use of map skills, navigation, and often include some kind of paddling activity. 


6. Read in your Roo.

I think we can all agree that indoor reading can get a bit stale. Grab your favorite book and hit the trail to your favorite hammock spot. Get some steps in, enjoy the outdoors, and read in the most comfortable outdoor spot possible: a Roo Double (on flash sale right now, for a limited time). No trees? No worries—the Swiftlet portable hammock stand has your back.


7. Plan one epic adventure this year.

If you’re like us, the call of the next big adventure is always present. We often dream of taking five months to hike the PCT, venturing up north to paddle the Boundary Waters, or going on a month-long fly fishing expedition in Patagonia. But most often, these dreams aren’t realistic for our busy lives. We make a goal of one extended trip in the outdoors per year, and planning for them always gets us jazzed. Set your sights on a paddle trip, backpacking expedition, or whatever it is you’re into, and make something happen. 


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