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    Roo Double

    Camping Hammock

    The Roo Double camping hammock is even lighter, stronger, and softer.

    Hammock straps are not included.

    Sunflower Gold
    Sand Tan
    Wildberry Red
    Onyx Black
    Violet Purple
    Aloe Green
    Granite Gray
    Midnight Blue
    Pine Green
    Sky Blue
    Canyon Orange
    Ember Orange
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    Complete your setup:

    Python 10 addon
    Python 10 Tree-friendly 10' Straps

    Tear resistant and easily portable, the Roo Double sets the standard for comfortable hammock camping.

    and Strong
    Packs Into
    Cloud Nine
    Tech Specs
    FAQ & Care
    Setup Videos

    Ample space and comfort

    Our Roo Double hammock was designed for maximum comfort, to accommodate two people on a sunny park day or hammock camping for one. The Gravitas™ fabric easily compresses in the attached water-resistant and abrasion-resistant rolltop stuff sack for dry storage on-the-go. A Roo Double takes up less cubic feet than your Nalgene.

    Engineered strength

    Created for our camping hammock line, our trusted Gravitas™ 40D diamond ripstop nylon fabric is designed to ensure the safest and most comfortable sleep off the ground. At just 18 oz, the Roo Double hangs safe up to 500 lb.

    Climbing-grade suspension

    The Roo Double is suspended from Kanga Claw™ patented carabiners, engineered to support up to 5,000 lb of force. Double wire gates ensure your hammock won’t slip out while you hang, so you can rest easy all night long. Our Dyneema Racer Slings™ are 15 times stronger than steel, capable of supporting 5,000 lb of force each as well.

    Tech Specs


    Roo Double hammock

    • 1 × Roo Double™ Hammock
    • 2 × Dyneema Racer Slings™ (22kN each)
    • 2 × Kanga Claws™(23kN each)

    Hammock straps are not included

    Best Used for

    Basecamp hammock camping, recreational use, backyard lounging


    Unpacked Dimensions
    5 ft 7 in × 10 ft / 170 cm x 304.8 cm

    Packed Dimensions
    5.25 in × 6.5 in / 13.3 cm x 16.6 cm


    Total Packed Weight
    18 oz / 510 g


    Lounge Capacity
    1-2 people

    Sleep Capacity
    1 person (recommended)

    Max Weight Capacity
    500 lb / 227 kg


    Product Material
    Gravitas™ 40D diamond ripstop nylon with DWR waterproofing

    Stuff Sack Material
    Diamond Shell™ 40D ripstop nylon with PU + DWR waterproofing

    Additional Specs

    Gear Loops

    FAQ & Care

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's new with this Roo Double?

    We've upgraded to Gravitas™ 40D diamond ripstop nylon to bring you a lighter, more breathable and packable product. The Roo Double still features the same length and width, water-resistant rolltop stuff sack, Kanga claw carabiners and 500 lb weight capacity. What's also unchanged is our Adventure Grade Guarantee to back your products for life.

    Why would I buy a Roo Double?

    Performance. Design. Give back.
    Our Roo Double is made with diamond ripstop fabric that doesn't itch or scratch. Soft as a baby's bum, this hammock is the highest performing camping hammock on the market and built with climbing-inspired, quality materials. Not only will this hammock outperform the rest, it is cleanly designed and gives back to youth in our community. Every purchase supports young explorers getting outside through our partnership with Explore Austin.

    Do I need to order carabiners and straps?

    Each Roo Double comes with a set (2) of Kanga Claw carabiners. Straps are not included. Order a set of Python 10 straps (or one of our other straps) to get your hammock off the ground and your adventure on its way.

    Why are there loops along the sides of the Roo Double?

    Gear loops are for quick access to gear. Attach a water bottle, headlamp, stuff sack, kendama, or any gear you always want ready.

    How many people can fit in the Roo Double?

    With a max capacity of 500 lb, the Roo Double can comfortably fit two when lounging. If you're camping overnight, we recommend only one person sleep in the Roo Double hammock for a better night's sleep.

    What is the difference between the Roo Double and Roo Single?

    The main difference between the Roo Double and Roo Single is the size of the hammock. The Roo Double is 10 ft long, and can hold up to 500 lb. We recommend the Roo Double if you plan to camp overnight in your hammock, or if you will frequently be hammocking with two people. The Roo Single is 8 ft long and holds up to 400 lb. At only 10 oz, we recommend the Roo Single for those wanting a lightweight hammock they can take anywhere.

    How do I wash my Roo Double?

    Hand washing your hammock with cold water and Grangers Down Wash + Repel is best for extending its useful life, but it can also be cleaned in a front-load washing machine (do not use a washing machine with an agitator).

    Washing machine instructions:

    • Remove the carabiners and slings prior to wash.
    • If the Roo is soiled or stained, use the recommended amount of Grangers Down Wash + Repel. Do not use fabric softener, bleach, or stain removal products.
    • Wash the hammock by itself using the gentle/cold water setting.
    • Hang to dry. The hammock will dry quickly in warm/dry environment. Do not stuff back in stuff sack damp or wet.
    Setup Videos
    How to set up your Kammok Roo Hammock

    Roo Double lifestyle image
    Roo Double lifestyle image

    Customer Reviews

    Roo Double

    Roo Double

    Sunflower Gold
    Sand Tan
    Wildberry Red
    Onyx Black
    Violet Purple
    Aloe Green
    Granite Gray
    Midnight Blue
    Pine Green
    Sky Blue
    Canyon Orange
    Ember Orange