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Grangers Down Wash + Repel 10oz

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Restore your natural or synthetic down apparel and sleeping bags with the help of Grangers Wash + Repel Down 2-in-1. It cleans powerfully and adds water repellency in just 1 wash cycle.

  • Great for washing the Bobcat, Thylacine, Mountain Blanket and Firebelly
  • Cleans and protects down gear by adding a durable layer of repellency
  • Bluesign approved
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Tech Specs
FAQ & Care

Wash your down gear

Grangers Down Wash and Repel restores loft, removes odor, adds water resistance and maximizes the insulating performance of natural or synthetic down-filled gear.  Great for washing your Thylacine, Bobcat, Mountain Blanket and Firebelly.

Make your gear last

Can be used to prepare your gear for future waterproofing treatments by adding a water-repelling layer to the fabric.

Care for the Earth

Grangers Down Wash and Repel is a bluesign® system approved product, meeting environmentally friendly and safe production standards.

Tech Specs

Product Specs

-Includes a 10 oz. gentle wash-in cleaner, free from the perfumes, optical brighteners, and heavy cleaning agents found in regular laundry detergents.
FAQ & Care

Usage Instructions

  1. Use two 50ml capful per wash load, or half a cap if hand-washing. For sleeping bags, use three capfuls.
  2. If possible, avoid washing down items in top-loading washing machines as this can potentially damage the down filling.
  3. Wash on a full cycle (wash, rinse, and spin) at 30°C or 86°F.
  4. Dry down garments as per their care label instructions; always tumble dry where possible. Dry on a low heat for two to three hours, or until the garment is completely dry. 

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Grangers Down Wash + Repel 10oz

Grangers Down Wash + Repel 10oz