6 Things to pack on your next hammock camping trip

Posted by: Rebecca Chen

We’re all familiar with the dreaded question before heading out on an adventure.


“What do I bring?”


Whether you’re a seasoned hammock camper or gearing up for your first campout, here are 6 things you won’t want to forget:


1. Hammock + Straps


It’s what you’re sleeping in; and therefore, arguably the most important piece of gear. If you’re looking to hang with your honey or have a spacious sleep for one, gear up with The Roo Double. For something a bit lighter and cozier, our Roo Single is the way to go. Oh, and definitely don’t forget your Python Straps!


2. Headlamp

Source: https://www.switchbacktravel.com/best-headlamps


Your book-reading, night-hiking, loo-finding, alpine start adventure companion. A headlamp will illuminate the reflectors of your Roo to help you find camp in the dark hours. Trying to catch the sun rise? Headlamps will help you pack quickly in the early morning to catch those rays.

Pro tip: Don’t forget extra batteries - that would be a bummer.


3. Snacks


Whether you're a trail mix connoisseur, a lover of chocolate, or simply prefer the produce life, fill your camp with snacks you enjoy. It’ll keep the hangry camper away, and help avoid weak knees or the unintentional early nap on the trail.


4.  Carabiners


On each side of the Roo, there are 8 gear loops begging to be used. With your extra carabiners, hang your water bottle for easy access, camera to prevent dirt build-up, or rain jacket to dry off any moisture. Hang free with the essentials within reach.


5. Underquilt


Meet the KEY to cold weather hammock camping. Without an hammock underquilt, the air beneath you will leave you exposed and chilly at night. The Firebelly attaches perfectly to the gear loops on the sides of your Roo, keeping you protected from the air below and ensuring a warm, restful sleep.


6. Camera


Capture the moments you won’t want to forget. Let the surrounding views steal your breath, and keep an eye out for the new perspectives that come with elevated camping. This is a great way to look back at memories!

Snap any pics of camp? Share them with #CampKammok - we can’t wait to see.



Before you head out, learn how to set up your hammock here with Hammock Camping 101.