Happy Mother’s Day Mom, We Love you!

Posted by: Ty Clark

Greg: Founder/CEO
When I think of my mom, attributes such as selfless, wise, loving, fun, productive, and friend come to mind. I am forever grateful for my mom, and the legacy that she is building for our family. 

It is so fun to watch her be “Mimi” to my son, Owen. Seeing her with Owen has reminded me of so many great memories form my childhood.  She was always serving me and my younger sister & brother. She was our chef, teacher, pillow fort contractor, and chauffeur. All the while she was completely content and allowed us to do take on crazy projects like building a giant dirt mound in the backyard. I am constantly amazed at how she does life so well. 
Mom has given me some of the greatest gifts of wisdom and I hope to pass these on to my children.

Seek Justice:
Mom is always there for people in need. She is quick to drop everything to be there for a friend or family member, and of course her kids. She has taught me that LOVE is the difference between justice and vengeance. When I was wronged by someone at school, I never heard her speak ill of the other child. Instead, she would ask “How do you think they have been wronged in their life and how can you show them love and forgiveness tomorrow?” 
Love Mercy:
Mom was a consistent disciplinarian, yet she was kind and gentle in how she disciplined us. I never saw her “blow up” in anger, and she would clearly explain how my wrong-doing was harmful to me and others. It was because of her consistency, that I was able to understand mercy. Mercy is receiving “good” when we deserve “bad”. It is because of love that we can bestow mercy, and I am thankful she has given me a framework to understand this deep truth. 
Walk Humbly:
Mom has always been my biggest supporter (along with my dad). She instilled in me a quiet confidence, and helped me see that pride is really one of the highest forms of insecurity. Identity is a huge gift to have in our culture. Mom demonstrated that identity grounded in love produces a humble confidence. 
Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I am so thankful for you! 


Ty: Director of MOBilization
I have so many incredible memories of my mom that I don’t really know which one to pinpoint.  She has always been there, through a ton of ups and downs and rough years as well as a ton of incredible and inspiring years.  My mom has always been my number one fan, she grew up in a family that was passionate about the arts and passionate about sports!  She was at every soccer, baseball and basketball game through high school- cheering me on as well as consoling me through the tough losses (even though I didn’t lose that often, which made losses harder).  

When I left to play college basketball, we were on the phone pretty regularly and she kept up with me on the court through papers and driving down with my dad for games.  Her support of my life, supporting me as an artist (hanging my pieces in the house every year) and my crazy business ventures have been a foundation for me.  I think my #1 memory would be the mornings she would bang the wall between my room and the living room to get me in to watch the football or basketball game that was on.  I still wake up thinking of those moments and wishing to be back in that time again.  

I know we will talk sometime this week during the NBA playoffs. No telling who will call first during the next close game.  My mom is an inspiration, spending her time loving and serving women in Africa, Argentina and Mexico. She is a loyal friends to women on her block, or in the mountains - we grew up in the Sierra Nevada’s - or people on their last breaths in the local hospital. This is how she spends her time: loving my dad through 50 years of marriage, serving me and my brothers and always in prayer for all the these things.  Love you mom!

Miss you and see you in June!


Caroline: MOB Experience Catalyst
As a daughter of six kids, it’s no doubt my mom is a strong willed lady. Mom has been my inspiration to me since I was a child. My mom - loving, caring, patient, giving, joyful and carries a child like spirit. Her beauty was someone I hoped to look like when I grew up. Since mom had six kids, I was determined to have six when I grew up. But one thing I admired most, was her ability to love everyone around her. She never saw any bad in people.  I now understand mom had needs and sometimes neglected those needs to provide for us first. How do mothers do it?

As I grow older, I realize I still want to be just like mom. As a mom that was determined to eat healthy, enjoy the outdoors, go on walks, enjoy the beach, and have a spirit that can light the room; its no wonder how I turned out. I am now considered, little “Georgia” and honestly, that’s highest compliment I could ever have.

To all mothers, thank you for sacrificing your time to invest in your kids. Thank you for loving when we are hard to love. Thank you for taking on the job as a mom. Thank you for taking the time to make us feel special. You all are incredible and it will not be forgotten. Happy Mothers Day.


John: Kammok Productsmith
Since June 2, 1988 2:08 AM, my mom has proudly claimed the title of “Longest standing supporter.”  She tirelessly drove me around in my early years to soccer, Boy Scouts, and camps with a smile on her face.  As I’ve grown up, the responsibilities and roles have taken on a new meaning and look a little different.  Now being married, and having moved away from my “stomping grounds,” I find that my mom now takes on a wisdom and guidance role from afar.  She respects my new family of two, while knowing that every young couple continues to face challenges and new growth together. Even though we are now states away, and a ‘weekend’ road trip is no longer possible for a short visit, we do not let the distance factor hinder our communication.  
It’s hard to name a favorite memory with my mom because there are so many, but a top 3 would have to be: My parents being a part of my wedding, her road trip side-kicking during mine and Rachel’s move to Austin, and their support through my education at Auburn University.

Mom, I love you and want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!!  Thank you for all you have invested into me, and your help to get me where I am today.

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