Why we Kickstart

Posted by: Rebecca Chen


Ah, the mecca of ideas. The platform best known for bringing creative projects to life, and the playground for early adopters - those ahead of the curve -  to find new, innovative products to purchase. Since it was launched in 2009, Kickstarter has successfully funded over 151,200 projects, and has raised nearly 4 billion dollars fledgling products and ideas. Peak Design and Oru Kayak are just two of many outdoor brands that have turned into companies using the platform.  So why does Kammok keep coming back to Kickstarter? Here are are 4 reasons why we continue to launch new products


1. Community driven


Kickstarter is a trusted platform that offers accountability and visibility. Not only is it a direct way to connect with early buyers, but it also invites you, the backers, to be part of a product launch and generate a larger community. The campaign also offers intimate interaction between Kammok and its backers.  

2. Working capital

With the support of a backer community, costs are covered for the production of new products. This gives us the space to do what we love - designing great products - without a heavy financial burden.


3. Creative exercise



It’s not everyday that you get to sit and toss ideas around on how to make a blanket anthropomorphic. Launching a successful Kickstarter requires telling a product-driven story. Everything from creating a video, to making reward tiers, building eye-catching Kickstarter campaigns continuously challenge us to design in a way that is both intuitive and informative. Our friends over at Peak Design, BioLite, Western Rise, and Oru have inspired us to push the limits on new creative strategies.


4. It’s how we got here



Just as a falling apple led to the discovery of gravity, it took Greg falling out of a poorly made hammock to discover the opportunity for Kammok back in 2011. Kickstarter was the home for Kammok’s first Roo, and it has continuously proven to be an effective way to launch our past 6 products. As our brand grows older, our audience has gotten larger. For our past three kickstarters, we’ve seen a jump in our backers to be doubled, and over 500% funded for our last two projects.



Check out how we’re doing on our latest Bobcat Kickstarter and become a backer!