The History of National Camp at Home Day

Early in 2020, the quarantine blues laid heavy on our hearts and across the community. Our favorite parks closed, adventure travels taken off the map, and spending time outside was put on indefinite hold. It’s no surprise if you picked up bread baking as your new hobby or turned your home into a lush nursery for house plants. Our conversations in the office kitchen moved to video calls where we expressed our woes and reflected what it meant to spend time outside when you can’t be outside.

Going out was not an option, but there was nothing stopping us from bringing camp to our homes. The thought of pitching a tent in the living room, firing up the old campstove, playing ambient critter noises seemed downright ridiculous in all the right ways we needed. And so we simply declared March 27th as National Camp at Home Day. 

We rallied our community of Outsiders and our fellow outdoor brands to challenge themselves, to get creative, and join us for a global camp-in. From living room pillow forts to backyard basecamps, we called on the community to bring the magic of camp to our homes.The story is short, but the impact was huge.

On March 27, 2020, over 2,600 campers and campsites joined us for the first-ever National Camp At Home Day.



Join the community on March 27, 2021 for National Camp at Home Day.

Get ready to break out the headlamps, sleeping bags, tents, and camp stoves. This year for National Camp at Home Day, as your favorite camping spots slowly begin to reopen and people are starting to travel safely again, we’re focusing on preparedness. Think of National Camp at Home Day as the perfect occasion to pull out all the gear and have a trial run before setting out on the next big adventure. 

How to Participate

Lead a camp. Rally the household to participate at camp. Invite your friends & family, to join in on a digital campfire over a video call.
Share your adventures. Share campsite photos, activities, tips & tricks with #NationalCampAtHomeDay and @kammok.
Learn from the community. Join the National Camp at Home Day Facebook Group and get inspired by fellow campers across the world. Join here.

       Over the coming weeks, we’ll share tips to develop camp skills at home, from how to choose the right shelter, tips for gear prepping, perfect recipes for the Dutch oven, and everything in between. Learn more about this year’s National Camp at Home Day at