Top 10 adventure dates in ATX: part 2

Posted by: Hello Kammok

In continuation of last week's Adventure Dates in ATX: Part 1, the second and final list in this series features all forms of adventure, from swimming holes to breweries, to climbing gyms. Check out #10 for your all-weather option! 


6. Gus Fruh Swim/VCT Hike + Roo Hang

The Gus Fruh entrance to the Greenbelt is a hidden gem, with an added bonus of direct access to the Gus Fruh pool! If you want to get some more hiking in, walk further through the Greenbelt system that’s being turned into the Violet Crown Trail.


Getting there: Pop in “2642 Barton Hills Dr.” into your maps and make sure to double check if Gus Fruh has enough water (pick “3. Gus Fruh”).


Hint: Go for the hike before, and take a dip as a spontaneous surprise to cool off afterwards! 


7. Day Trip: Reimer’s Ranch + Proof & Cooper

At $10/car, this place is a steal on a beautiful day! Known as the rock-climber’s paradise, Reimer’s Ranch also has canyons, a beautiful river, caves, and day-hikes that take you out of Austin and put you straight into the Jurassic period.



Stop at Proof & Cooper on the way back! Make sure to get the special Chex mix, fried pickles, and their fried chicken. Yum.


Getting there: After routing to Milton Reimer’s Ranch Park (3610 Hamilton Rd. Dripping Springs, TX 78620), you’ll arrive at the park entrance. Park in the first parking lot you see on your left following the road inside the ranch. Follow the trail to the canyon below, say hi to the rock-climbers on your way in, and start hiking!


Hint: On a good day, bring your swimsuits and find the river! There’s also an observatory open at night to see some stars on good-weather days.


8. Day trip: Pedernales Falls + Pecan Street Brewing


Although it’s about an hour drive out, Pedernales Falls offers incredible waterfall views and some great day hikes at $6/person. The main Pedernales Falls loop is a 1 mile return journey – an easy stroll that gives way to some great photo ops! Throw up your Roo for some relaxation next to the sounds of the falls. 


Other great hikes include Trammels Crossing Trail and Wolf Mountain (includes a swimming hole about 1 mile in with a 15ft jump)!


Getting There: Route to Pedernales Falls State Park right past Johnston City. Pecan Street Brewing is nearby!


Hint: Challenge yourself to a trail run date and a dip in the river post-run! Bring your swimming suits ☺


9. Overnight Trip: McKinney Falls State Park Car Camping

This is a ten minute drive from the heart of Austin! And best yet, you can build a campfire here (unless a burn ban is in place – check with the front office!) For less than $15/pp, plus $20 for s’mores and campfire materials, you can have the quintessential camping experience right in your backyard. 


Looking for extra adventure? The park is heavily wooded and perfect for hammock camping.



Getting there: Search for McKinney Falls State Park off of McKinney Falls Parkway. Reserve a campsite online to ensure a place to set up your tent!


Hint: Be wary of the javelinas at night! Lock up all your food in your car at night… there’s lots of Texas wildlife out there waiting to pick at your leftovers.


10. All-Weather: Austin Bouldering Project Climb + H&G brew afterwards 

What happens when a few guys from Seattle tear down 2 units of a warehouse and put in a bunch of fake rocks? A good time, and a lot of carabiners. 



$16/$12 for students gets you a day pass to the world’s largest rock climbing gym (no kidding). First timers also get free shoe rentals! Bouldering (free climbing over a thick foam mat) is a great workout, super fun, and easy get into – just find an interesting route and get to the top!


Afterwards, be sure to find yoru way to Hops & Grain this east-side gem is the perfect spot for a victory brew!


Getting there: Pop in Austin Bouldering Project in your maps! Hops & Grain is right around the corner on the East Side.


Hint: Try the yoga and fitness classes that come with your day pass at ABP!


And that's a wrap! This concludes the Adventure Dates in ATX series. With these 10 ideas, you are setting your date up to be unforgettable. Good luck out there!