The Outdoor Industry 4-1-1.

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This year alone, we've seen boycotts from major brands standing for public lands over profit, employees missing work in order to attend political marches, massive retail acquisitions, new companies, leadership and product innovation like never before. 


It’s only March. What's happening in the outdoor industry? 


Panelists (left to right): Sarah Knapp, Adam Saraceno, Josie Gutierrez, Clare Fieseler, Ky Harkey, Haley Robison


An Outside Perspective

For SXSW 2017, we decided to dig deep into questions we knew our community and team were hungry to discuss. Questions from conservation and research, to community and inclusion, to design and city systems. Amidst the craziness that SXSW brings to Austin each year, we gathered our community, friends, and East Austin passersby at the Kammok HQ for a magical night and plenty of food for thought.



With a few minutes left in the night, Haley (Kammok CEO and Panel Host) gave panel members the opportunity to share one last piece of information.

If there is one thing you would want the audience to take away tonight, what would that be?


"Climate change is the biggest existential crisis that humans have ever faced. If there is one thing we can do individually to impact this issue, it is to consume less. Ride your bike instead of driving, or do one less load of laundry. The impact this will have is far greater than if we signed another petition."

- Adam Saraceno, Peak Design CMO



"If I don’t pick up this water bottle, I’m saying that someone loves this park more than I do. Whenever you don’t pick up a piece of trash, or go to a service project, turn down an opportunity, you’re saying that you trust someone else will take care of it. Find your trail, find your park and figure out how you can give back to it."

- Ky Harkey, Texas State Parks Outreach and Education



"We will not be able to implement front line research initiatives unless we reach across the outdoor aisle and partner with other outdoor enthusiasts, who might not have the same ideals that we have, in order to reach the same preservation and conservation goals."

- Clare Fieseler, Marine Ecologist / National Geographic Explorer


Raffle fundraising for the wilderness therapy program.


"Feel free to invite! Grab a friend or someone who hasn’t been hiking. Nature doesn’t judge."

- Josie Gutierrez, Latino Outdoors


Kammok Gear Shop

Kammok Campfire: SXSW was also the debut of our first ever Kammok Gear Shop, a place to try out all of our equipment and kick back to learn more about elevated camping and outdoor experience. We're open Friday and Saturday this week - come by and hang!


Meet the Panel

Clare Fieseler, Marine Ecologist / National Geographic Explorer


Adam Saraceno, Peak Design CMO / Storytelling Through Photography And Design


Sarah Knapp, OutdoorFest / Building Community, Linking Cities To The Outdoors


Ky Harkey, OutdoorFest / Building Community, Linking Cities To The Outdoors


Josie Gutierrez, Latino Outdoors / Inclusivity In The Outdoors

 Haley Robison, Kammok CEO / Panel Host

Thank you to everyone who came out to see our space and lean into conversation necessary for progress in our industry. Check back to our events page for more information on future gatherings!