Retailer who #giveadventure - 4

Posted by: Hello Kammok

As we wrap up 2015, we are sharing the fourth post in our "What We Love" series about retailers who give back. Four retailers share what they love most about the Holiday season.


Edmond Summit Co | Edmond, OK

IG, FB, Twitter: @EdmondSummitCo 

Independent and a locally owned outdoor store, Edmond Summit Co. is known in the Oklahoma area for striving to maintain the best customer service and carrying the finest outdoor brands in the industry.  Inspired by the mountains, trails and wild places, Edmond Summit hopes their enthusiasm is so infectious that they inspire friends, customers and community to discover the outdoors in new and exciting ways.    

Edmond Summit inspires their community to ‘adventure’.  Edmond Summit says “if our passion rubs off on our customers, and if we can share what we do and they share what they do, then we feel confident that we will not only remain in business, but our community will thrive.”

This holiday season reminds Edmond Summit that they love what they do – serving others. Edmond Summit says, “it’s like a month long party – a shop full of people looking for some friendly expertise.” We can only imagine the pure joy they are experiencing this holiday season. 

Gadsden OutFitters | Gadsden, AL

FB: GadsdenOutfitters 

As you open the doors to Gadsden Outfitters, you know it’s the store to get anything the high school or middle school aged child needs. The owner works hard in the store everyday to keep the local culture alive. Gadsden’s mission is to encourage members of their community to “GO” hike, bike, climb, and run regardless of the season or the weather.   

Gadsden gives adventure by educating the community on why they carry their products, how to use them, and organizes group rides and hikes throughout the year to show the local community how to experience adventure together.                    

This holiday season reminds the owner personally, “to not get caught up in the fray.”  


The Base Camp | Helena, Montana

IG, Twitter: Beyondboundariesar // FB: BBOAAR

Located just off the square in downtown Searcy, Beyond Boundaries is known as a place to grab outdoor gear for locals and college students.  The space was created for people to come together and share their outdoor experiences with each other.

Beyond Boundaries is known to give adventure by believing that if "we can help people, get outside and have new experiences, then I believe we are successful in our mission."

This holiday season reminds the store Searcy is family, and they’re thankful to be included in the life of the community around us.