Give Your Gear a New Life

Posted by: Josh Garwood

You may have seen on our warranty page on and you’ll see that we encourage you recycle to your gear, but what does that even mean? It's not like you can take an old hammock, toss it in the blue bin, and ~poof~ it's gone.

Recycling gear is about extending the product’s life by repurposing it in a new way. At Kammok, we’re passionate about making sure our gear doesn’t go to waste. Old gear that we can’t use anymore always gets reused in a new way.

Extending the lifespan of your gear is also something you can do to make sure old gear doesn’t end up in the trash. We have fun brainstorming ways to repurpose gear in cool, creative ways. We invite you to do the same. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Repurpose a worn-out Roo as streamers for a party... or make a festive skirt


  • Create a camp mat for your dog out of an old Roo
  • Old hammock fabric or insect netting can be repurposed as a window curtain
  • Bright up your camper for #vanlife
  • Repurpose stuff sack to carry your lunch


  • Weave string lights through python straps to create a cool light vibe
  • Use for home decor crafts, without needing to sew.
  • If you sew, there are endless patterns that you can create out of old hammock fabric
  • Use an old Kuhli as a plant or kayak cover during the winter months
  • Rag to wipe down your bike (hammock fabric is quick-drying!)

If gear is too far gone for any decorative or functional repurposing, we encourage you to take it to Goodwill, another company actively practicing fabric recycling and sustainability. According to the EPA, nearly 5% of landfill matter is old textile waste. Taking old gear to places such as Goodwill reduces the footprint we leave in landfills.

See, recycling can be fun! We’d love to see how you find creative ways to repurpose and reuse your gear. Send us your ideas and pictures of your new creations, and we’ll hook you up with a sweet deal on your next purchase with us.