Meet our summer 2017 interns

Posted by: Hello Kammok

This summer, I spent 500 hours learning more than I ever thought I’d know about hammocks, marketing and design. I’m Sarah, one of the four ambitious and hungry interns from this past summer. I’d like you to meet our rowdy crew and learn a little more about our experience in Austin, kicking it with Kammok.


Avery O.

Customer Experience 

Austin, TX


What was your favorite moment in a Kammok product?

One Saturday this summer I spent the morning at the Greenbelt with a friend and a book. We hammocked and chatted for hours–– with the occasional jump into the cool spring water. Bliss.


Describe Kammok in one word.

Holistic. Kammok is more than an outdoor company. Not only does it makes innovative gear, but it seamlessly uses its model to impact people & the planet.  


Advice for a future intern?

Get to know the team! You’re working with incredibly interesting, yet humble people. Go on an adventure or grab coffee together, then ask them about their story. You’ll be struck by their authenticity and creativity. Bring a pencil.  


Henry P.

Product Design

Atlanta, GA


What made you a good fit for this team?

I have a lot of crazy ideas, and my goal when I got here was to immediately be a contributor to the team. This meant a lot of hand sewn prototypes and "what if we did this" situations.  I also told them I make a mean quesadilla.


What motivates you?

Being told something is impossible.


Advice for a future intern?

If you have an idea, make it! It is much easier to say yes to an idea if you can put your hands on it.


Sam F.


Coppell, TX


Why Kammok?

I don’t think there are too many other companies out there that so closely align with what I believe and see in the world. Kammok equips and inspires people to love and enjoy the outdoors, but more importantly to love and enjoy people. That got me incredibly excited to work here this summer.


What's the dream?

The ultimate dream is to become a fashion designer. I’ve always loved the idea of design in motion and out there in the real world. Form and function coming together with purpose.


Advice for a future intern?

Ask alllllllll the questions. Really, about anything and everything, no matter how relevant it is to your title. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what you can learn.


Sarah F.


Mechanicsville, MD


Favorite moment in a Kammok product?

Our intern campout at Krause Springs. We built a fire, made s'mores and camped out with our Roo hammocks and Dragonfly nets, only to be awakened by a family of raccoons at 4 am


What's the dream?

Camping in Iceland. My own vegetable garden. A formidable art collection. Red leather clogs. Finishing my reading list. The list could go on and on. I have a lot of dreams. 


Advice for a future intern?

Be yourself. Bring your gifts to the table every day. Show customers love.