Home: a series for the holidays

Posted by: Andrew Glenn

"Home" videography by Forest and Pine. Produced by Kammok.

In the outdoor community, we are reminded daily of the different, physical forms home can take, whether as a tent, hammock, airstream, or the bed of a truck. We know that at times home may mean discomfort in pursuit of adventure or a better sunrise.

Turning the concept of home on its head, our Home campaign this season explores the shapes and forms that home can take through video, photos and blog posts written by guest writers who have found different expressions of home in their own lives.

This campaign was driven by you. We asked our community what home meant to you, and received more than 250 responses. The recurring messages and themes we found in your responses are featured in our video and weekly blog series. For some of you, home is the trail. Home is with the people you love. For others, home is simply a feeling of belonging.

Ultimately, what we found in talking to our customers, friends and family is that home, like our gear, is something carried with you. This holiday season, we hope you find your home, whatever (or wherever) that is.