Happy Father's Day

Posted by: Hello Kammok



This is my second Father’s Day as a dad to my son Owen. It is the best thing in the world to be Owen’s dad. I am constantly amazed by how much I love him. As a new dad, I am also made more aware of how well my dad loved me. I realize how much of a gift that is - to have a dad who has loved and fathered well - and it is not one I will take lightly. 


Photo: Dad & my son, Owen


You are my hero and my friend. I am honored to be your son. I love you.

Between men, words are simply vehicles to transmit deeper truths - often it is our goal to do this in as few words as possible. Between men, sometimes a simple handshake or look in the eyes can communicate more then an entire book.

When I think about who my dad is, and what he means to me, I find myself at a loss for words. Not because there isn’t anything to say, but because there is too much to say and not enough words that are worthy to transmit the truths about my dad.


Here are 5 truths about my Dad I am thankful for (and would go in the book):

  1. Dad, thank you for introducing me to the very source of Love. This is what I am most thankful for.
  2. Dad, thank you for loving Mom and being faithful in marriage.
  3. Dad, thank you for celebrating my failures & my successes - showing me life is what we make it and not the other way around.
  4. Dad, thank you for engaging in my life and not just sitting on the sidelines. I can still feel the cool grass beneath my feet when we would play catch in the back yard. Also, thanks for letting me play barefoot!
  5. Dad, Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me that I will never know or see. As I experience more of fatherhood, I know that is a list as long as my lifetime. I am so grateful.

Take time today to tell your dad something you are grateful for. Before you do, watch this and remember the good times with your dad: