Everything you need to know for 36 hours in ATX.

Posted by: Hello Kammok

So much Austin, so little time. We've made the decisions easy for you, here's what you do for an epic 36 hour trip to the land of longhorns and live music. 


Day 1 (Hours 0-24)

Morning: Let's taco 'bout breakfast.

Start your morning in Austin with a breakfast taco (or dos or tres) with a side of hot salsa. Try Granny’s Tacos, Taco Deli, or Tyson’s Tacos. If you’re in for a drive, Texas Honey Ham is a local’s favorite.

Beware: taste the salsa before you drown the taco. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Afternoon: Let's cool down.

Drive ten minutes out of downtown to spend the afternoon hiking the Austin Greenbelt trails, swimming in natural springs, or setting up your hammock and chilling in the trees by the water.

You could spend all day in this nature oasis. But remember, you’ve only got 36 hours. ¡Ándale!


Evening: Let's get out of the city.

Pizza. Beer. The Hill Country. You haven’t truly experience this city until you’ve spent time in the breathtaking hills surrounding. After a day in the sun, hop in the car and drive 30 minutes out to Jester King Brewery. They serve up pizza and a stellar view.


Midnight Adventure: Let's make memories.

Shoot the shoot (Shhh!). The night’s not over in Austin until you shoot the shoot. This involves a quick drive south, a cold body of water, and turning off your headlights to remain invisible. You didn’t hear this from us.


Day 2 (Hours 25-36)

Morning: Let's recuperate.

You’ve shot the infamous shoot, now you’re up and at ‘em for your final 12 hours of the Austin experience. You desperately need caffeine. We can relate. A few of our local favorites: 


Afternoon: Let's gear up and hang.

Take your coffee and stroll on over to the Kammok Gear Shop and Headquarters. Pop your head in, check out our gear, and have a Topo Chico on us.

Next stop? HANG! We've mapped out the Top 10 places to hang a hammock in Austin. Check out the list here: Top 9 Places to Hang in ATX. Or, submit your own favorite spot here. 


Evening: Let's jam.

Your 36 hours in the Live Music Capital of the World wouldn't be complete without listening to the incredible melodies that flood Rainey Street, 6th St, and Red River. Head to any of the bars on Rainey Street to grab a drink and listen to artists share their lives through music over happy hour. It’s transformational.

Still hungry? For more insights on Austin, things to do and where to go, visit our blog or our Instagram (@kammok).

Happy 36 hours, y’all!