A night in the Texas Hill Country

Posted by: Hello Kammok

In September, our friends at Hipcamp strung up a dozen hammocks under the bright, starry skies west of Austin with 150 friends. We asked Hipcamp founder Eric Bach to share a bit more about the Flash MOB and why getting outside with friends matter to him.


Where did the Hipcamp Flash MOB go? 

The Texas campout was held at Flat Creek Crossing Ranch, in Johnson City and adjacent to Pedernales Falls State Park. It has a beautiful creek running through it, that everyone swam in. When we can, we try to throw our events on Hipcamp Land Share properties. Our Land Share Program allows landowners to share their land with campers, which makes for an awesome private camping experience and a great way for landowners to earn a little extra income.


Photo by Travis Perkins


Who was a part of the Flash MOB? 

It was a fun, eclectic, mix of people all looking to have a good time in the hill country. About 150 folks. We always try to keep it interesting, so we invited outdoors types, and also friends who are artists, musicians and writers. Most of them live in Austin. 


Photo by Travis Perkins


What about days outside with friends is special for you?

Many of us live very different lives from each other. But community gives us a sense of common fellowship. For me community is all about shared experiences and broadening horizons. Whether you're backpacking with a new crew of friends, or picking kale on an organic farm for the first time, new experiences help us to understand how we are all connected.


Photo by Travis Perkins