7 Ways to Reconnect this Thanksgiving

Posted by: Sarah Fischer

Thanksgiving is a time for family. Sometimes we’re eager for the time together, and other times there are challenges, but we think sharing a meal and quality time outside can foster peace and love.

So whether you’re spending this Thanksgiving with relatives or your chosen family, here are seven ways you can reconnect and slow down this holiday.

Road trip

1. Road trip

Headed to the same place for Thanksgiving? Nothing brings people together like dad jams, Takis, and the ABC game. We’d recommend taking the Field Blanket along for the ride. 

2. Go for a hike 

A cure for post-turkey drowsiness and slow morning starts. It’s supposed to be the coldest Thanksgiving on record in some states, but we’re not letting that keep us down. Thank heavens for poncho mode.

3. No-phones-rule 

It’s a must in our family for Thanksgiving dinner. Tuck them away, and the first one to reach for theirs is the last in line for pie.

4. Hang in your hammock 

Catch some Zzzs together in our Roo Double hammock. Perfect for glimpsing the foliage as you swing side by side.

5. Cook together 

Everyone has their favorite dish (sage stuffing, anyone?) so whether you come from the same family traditions or not, let everyone contribute a dish that makes them feel at home.

6. Card game

Build a fort (or pop a tent) and deal out a game of UNO to pass time while the turkey roasts. Guaranteed to turn the grown-ups into kids again.

7. Gratitude circle 

It’s a Kammok tradition. Join hands and take turns saying what you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving.

We’re grateful for you. And breakfast tacos.

Written by Sarah Fischer, Customer Experience Manager