10 lessons we learned from dad

Posted by: Sarah Fischer

On Father’s Day, we celebrate our dads and all we’ve learned from them. For many of us, love of the outdoors is generational. Something grown from the guidance and love shown to us by our fathers.

We asked members of the Kammok team to share their stories: what did your dad teach you about life, love, and the great outdoors? Read on for fatherly wisdom on getting up early and going the extra mile.

1. Turn off the TV. Go outside. 

“My dad taught me and my sisters how to fish, how to ski, and how to turn off the TV to go gather pecans outside. He taught us that books and museums could indeed be more captivating than screens.” - Liz

2. Appreciate natural beauty. 

“I learned from my dad, an artist and fisherman, to appreciate the natural beauty of the outdoors, how the light dapples the red dirt or plays on the water. He taught me to fish with patience, to know the peace in fishing, and to always catch and release.” - Sarah

Sarah and her dad bass fishing, their favorite outdoor hobby, in rural North Carolina.

3. Make a difference.

“From my dad, I learned to take measured risks, take care of others, and work hard. He taught me to leave things better than I found them.” - Haley

4. Treat our planet with care.

“When he wasn’t away flying, my dad spent his days outside working on the yard or in his darkroom studio. He taught us to be stewards of the environment and that it is our responsibility to minimize waste through composting and taking initiative to pick up trash.” - Liz

Liz with her dad in Cape Cod (the first trip where it was just the two of them!)

5. The early bird gets the worm.

“From our first trips to Yellowstone to a recent family trip to Glacier National Park, my dad always insists that we wake up at dawn. We get dressed, grab our binoculars, and hit the road, keeping our eyes peeled for movement in the bushes and fields. Waking early, you can see all sorts of animals – wolves in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone, moose in the swamplands of Canada, grizzly bears in the foothills, beavers making dams in rivers. With my dad, I’ve experienced the animal world without much interruption from modern society.” - Emily

Emily (in the white dress) excited for a kite-flying day in the park with her dad (on the left) 

6. Strive to serve.

“From my father, I learned to live a life of service - be there when people need it, and go the extra mile when they don’t expect it.” - Travis 

7. Be generous. 

“My dad taught me to always make enough food for everyone, you never know who you’ll meet out there on the trail.” - Adam


“This picture was taken before I was born. A trip down to Baja Mexico with the crew. My dad’s in the cut off A’s baseball shorts.” - Adam

8. Stay curious.

“Growing up, I swore my Dad was Indiana Jones. He was always exploring his surroundings for signs of human activity – ancient tools like arrowheads, shelters, artwork like petroglyphs, burial sites, you name it. I’ve grown up curious about our natural world and the ways in which people of all generations and civilizations have used it. My dad encouraged me to look deeper at things we often ignore or take for granted. I’m inspired daily to stay curious.” - Emily


9. Enjoy the simple things.

“My father taught me that the best moments in life are simple ones with people you love. He taught my siblings and I how to fish, throw a proper snowball, body surf the waves, and roast the perfect marshmallow. From my dad, we learned how to enjoy a sunset and listen to the coyotes sing.” - Haley


Haley (on the right) swimming with her dad and siblings


10. Resilient love. 

“A father’s love and grace are unconditional. The resilient love of a father is not something to be understood, but experienced. The beauty is that resilient love and strength is made available to all of us.” - Travis


Travis and his dad putting out some strong “shirt-less Saturday” vibes.

 What life lessons have you learned from your dad? Share with us below.