1% For The Planet Conference

Posted by: Sarah Fischer

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Earth Month wrap-up: Taking action for our planet / Inspiring action for our planet


Howdy Kammok Crew,

On April 12, members of the Kammok team traveled to Boulder, Colorado for the 1% for the Planet Global Summit - a meeting of international business members committed to giving 1% of their revenue to environmentally focused nonprofit partners worldwide.

This year’s summit focused on inspiring action - spurring the following question: how can we move beyond the Global Summit, beyond Earth Day, and put our planet first everyday? More than a month later, and the question remains. We hope it’s at the forefront of your thoughts, too.

As we say “hey!” to summer and leave spring behind, we’re taking another moment to reflect on the state of our planet, what we learned at the Global Summit, and how we can inspire action for the planet in our own lives.


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Keynote speaker Chad Frischmann illustrates the most effective ways in which we can drawdown carbon from the atmosphere. Photo by Avery Osborn. 


1% for the Planet members take part in a Leave No Trace hike in the Flatirons. Photo by Avery Osborn


1% for the Planet members take part in a Leave No Trace hike in the Flatirons. Photo by Avery Osborn



Three takeaways from the 1% for the Planet Global Summit


1. Global warming is not the end game.

Global warming refers to rising global temperatures as a result of the buildup of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere - a buildup largely due to carbon emissions produced by humans. Global warming, and resulting climate change, is considered to be the existential crisis of our time.

Some good news? Keynote speaker Chad Frischmann rejects the popular media’s apocalyptic notions that there’s nothing we can do to reverse global warming. Enter
Project Drawdown.  

Frischmann is the vice president and research editor of
Project Drawdown, a comprehensive, and, most importantly, attainable plan of more than 80 solutions designed to reverse global warming by 2050.

Drawdown’s narrative hinges on asking ourselves how we can empower and and engage people to take actions on these solutions. Many of the solutions are human-centered. From transitioning to plant-rich diets and curbing food waste, to improving education for women, there are many ways we can shift the dialogue. As a B Corp certified organization, Kammok is committed to reaching a high caliber of social and environmental sustainability by improving our own practices. Nearly 2,500 companies are doing the same.


2. Recreation sparks conservation, so get outside and bring some friends.

Encourage others to observe the world around them. Organize a local hike and hang with your Roo and a few friends. Grab a pair of binoculars and sneak a peek at something new. “Recreation is the future of the conservation movement,” said Annelise Steel, Manager of Corporate Partnerships at the Access Fund, a nonprofit organization committed to protecting America’s outdoor climbing areas.


What Steel told the conference crowd is spot on. A 2015 research study by Clemson University and Cornell University found that those who engaged in outdoor recreation were four times more likely to engage in wildlife and habitat conservation. In Austin? Follow Kammok’s event calendar for more opportunities to hang together and get outside.


3. Give back to the planet.

Last year, 1% for the Planet gave $17 million to environmental nonprofits through the help of members like Kammok. Despite an increase in business and individual members worldwide, 1% for the Planet CEO Kate Miller says, “this is insufficient for the enormous problems we face.”

Annually, only 3% of philanthropy goes toward environmental organizations tackling the universal effects of climate change. While organizations like 1% for the Planet and other like-minded organizations aim to raise this percentage, there are other creative ways you can give to the planet. Projects like Good Companies and Done Good stretch your wallet by connecting you with brands, like Kammok, that give back to nonprofits and communities with a percentage of your purchase. Good for you and Mother Earth.

Did you know? Each Kammok purchase supports Explore Austin, our nonprofit partner that engages youth in outdoor adventuring from middle school through high school. You can learn more about Kammok’s 1% for the Planet commitment and B Corps status here.


Bottom line, it’s on us, and there’s so much we can do.

Chad Frischmann said it best, “Human are bad at adapting to think about 100 years ahead, and we’re lucky if we think 3 to 5 years ahead.” As we leave Earth Day behind and move into the summer, let’s keep planning for a better future. Whether a conscious swipe of the card or a walk in the woods, there are easy way we can make positive change happen for the planet today.