Urban Hammocking

Posted by: Hello Kammok

We had an incredible Instagram contest last week that featured some beautiful images from all over the world.  Our contest was for the best "urban adventure" picture that used the #kammok and #theroolife tags with their photo. We know that not everybody has the ability to head out of town to the mountains, so we wanted to encourage those of us who live in the city to get outside in the mix of architecture, buildings, metal and concrete.  The pictures are stunning!


The winners of our "Urban Adventure" photo contest come from Chicago. We say "winners" because these two were so incredible that we chose to reward both James Guest http://instagram.com/thejadagu and Rodger Kistler http://instagram.com/rodgerkistler with the prize for this contest (Roo hammock & Python Straps)!  Here are some pictures from their entries.  Make sure to follow Kammok on Instagram to take part in our photo contests, we have another contest launching this week!