The Traveling Bobcat

Posted by: Andrew Glenn

Hey campers,

Andrew from Kammok here. Tomorrow we close our sixth Kickstarter the campaign, the Bobcat - a packable quilt from trail to travel.

The Bobcat boasts of many notable features, but in the early stages of copywriting and product detailing, we found ourselves always looping back to two qualities –– its versatility and travelability. The down quilt weighs in at a mere 20 oz , sports a handle, and compresses to the size of a football. You can take it in the backcountry as a sleep system, or use it to warm up on the couch. You can even wear it as a cape (highly recommended).

[Bobcat] roam throughout much of North America and adapt well to such diverse habitats as forests, swamps, deserts, and even suburban areas.” National Geographic

The Bobcat’s 45º warmth and packability were begging for a fall adventure. As soon as we received final samples, I reached out to a few friends of Kammok, asking if they’d play host to the Bobcat for a night or two. Within hours, the Bobcat’s journey was mapped out and the #TravelingBobcat was born. With Polaroid camera in tow, the Bobcat left Kammok HQ in Austin to its first stop in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Sarah Crabill, Little Rock, AR

Sarah, Austin, and Bear Crabill of Copper Creek Outdoors received the Bobcat first and took it on their weekend ventures. The Bobcat experienced a few treasures the Natural State offers – world-class hunting, fishing, and a slower pace in the outdoors. When I asked Sarah how the Bobcat held up, she noted that the rain and mud beaded right off, and even Bear’s teeth wasn’t a match for its fabric. In Arkansas, the Bobcat surprised me with its durability and thoughtful construction.

William Reed, Dallas, TX

Next, the Bobcat traveled to William Reed in Dallas, landing on a beautiful Tuesday in early October. Time with family and friends is what William’s all about, and the Bobcat was able to join in on the fun and “maximum chill.” From a dog named Travis to backyard hangs with the little tykes, the Bobcat was loved deeply and prompted tug-and-pulls for warmth in the hammock.

Paulina Dao, Eastern Sierra Nevada, CA

The Bobcat took flight to San Francisco and within an hour of arriving, it was immediately packed and in route to the Sierra with Paulina Dao and crew. If you know Paulina, this is no surprise. For our Super Camper, the Sierra is her playground, and she’s seemingly always on the move to the next outdoor experience. Paulina, Bobcat, and crew adventured to Ediza Lake to greet the season’s first snowfall. A few games of Uno and lakeside shenanigans later, the Bobcat was a fan favorite. “The Bobcat was an absolute hit. By the end of the trip, everyone tried to sneak off with the blanket.”

Peter Pham, Santa Ana, CA

Next, the Bobcat snuck down to SoCal for hangs with Peter Pham. I connected with Peter on the Camp Kammok facebook page, learned about his love for gear and backcountry adventure, and made a note to wrap him into product testing. Peter took the Bobcat to new waters (literally) and challenged its versatility in the sunnier weather. Like its namesake, the Bobcat adapted with ease.

Greg Balkin, The Enchantments, WA

When the Bobcat arrived in Seattle with Greg Blakin, it had no idea of the rich experience to come. The Enchantments is an alpine paradise. Magnificent glaciers, striking larches, and impossibly hued lakes and peaks makes the Enchantments a bucket-list item for many. The Bobcat was small enough to pack in the bottom of Greg’s day pack, and made its debut as the perfect lunch break cover. To put it short, this quilt is living the dream.

Megan and Nate Kantor, Salt Lake City, UT

Pinning down the Kantors of Cedar and Pines was worth the detailing in logistics – Megan and Nate are currently building out their Adventure Burrito and sport a life on the road. The Bobcat tracked them down in Salt Lake City, and went along to the Great Salt Lake for a quick shoot and play on the flats. Megan and Nate are adventurous wedding + elopement photographers, masters of capturing feelings in images. With the Bobcat, they did just that. Hats, new friends, a desert shoot, and the famous Spiral Jetty made SLC a special pitstop for the Bobcat travels.

Elena Pressprich, Pacific City, OR

Elena of Find Me Outside was a spontaneous recipient to the Traveling Bobcat, and the stoke was real. Below is a screenshot from an email from Elena the moment she received the Bobcat.

Pup and Elena approved, I am so grateful the Bobcat found its way to Oregon coast for a final pitstop!

Back home: Kammok HQ, Austin, TX

It’s an interesting thing to be inspired by a quilt. In under a month, the single Bobcat traveled the States meeting people where they’re at. It provoked conversation, laughter, and adventure. The quilt did not lessen its performance based on recipient background, identity, or location, but remained consistent in its ability to bring people together in the outdoors. There’s a lot to learn from this quilt.

Our Kickstarter campaign closes Friday, October 26. You can the Bobcat here on Kickstarter. Let us know where it takes you by using the #TravelingBobcat on Instagram.

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