The Onlocation Collective

Posted by: Hello Kammok

I am pretty excited and honored to be a a part of the onLOCATION Collective, a group photographers, writers, and filmmakers from around Texas.  Next week we will be jumping in an RV in Dallas and heading to Yosemite National Park. We will be there to document, create and share the natural beauty that so many before us have written about since Galen Clark and John Muir lobbied to protect this beautiful creation in the 1800's.  I will be blogging daily from the journey so stay tuned!  Here is a little bit more about onLOCATION.



Beginning this summer, a group of photographers, writers, and filmmakers, known as The onLOCATION Collective, will take their first unforgettable journey in collaborative visual storytelling. The onLOCATION Collective’s objective is to create beautiful imagery and captivating stories as a means to inspirational, relationship-cultivating experiences.

Combining their skills as storytellers with their thirst for adventure, the group of 10 creatives, including photographers Steve Rokks, Austin Mann, and Esther Havens, will camp and explore Yosemite National Park on their debut journey. On June 9, the official onLOCATION RV will roll out from Dallas, Texas and will arrive in Yosemite early on the morning of June 10, where the team will be located for approximately six days.

“The onLOCATION Collective originated as a result of a late 2013 trip to White Sands National Monument with Doug Klembara and Sean Berry,” said Steve Rokks, onLOCATION founder. “That trip fueled my desire to not only do what I love, but to do it with my closest friends and peers whom inspire me every day to think of work in a more creative way.



The trip to Yosemite certainly won’t be the group's last – 12 other expedition are already planned throughout 2014 and 2015.

Numerous partners, including Kind Snacks, Gerber Gear, Royal Robbins, Kammok, ThinkTank, Gregory Packs, and Stanley PMI, among others, have ensured the crew is prepared to create at the highest level.

"I am thoroughly excited to depart for Yosemite Valley,” said Rokks. “Each member of this group has been hand selected for their exceptional talents, and I cannot wait to preview the imagery that we deliver to our brand partners both individually, and collectively as a unit. I believe it will be some of our best work yet."

To keep up with the onLOCATION Collective, make sure to visit and follow the collective on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.