Retailers who #giveadventure - 2

Posted by: Hello Kammok

This week, learn how four of our retailers give adventure by hosting events to support non-profits.

TYLER'S | Austin, TX

IG, FB, Twitter: @tylerstx  

Tyler’s is a local retailer we love from the Lone Star State, Texas. They started in a small town in Tyler, Texas. Now, they have seven stores across the state. Tyler's mission is to engage with their communities through local events.  Tyler's carries an eclectic product mix that serves a variety of active lifestyles: surfing, camping, road tripping, hanging in a local park and much more!

Tyler’s gives adventure by hosting events like Dam That Cancer. DTC is an annual paddle boarding event in Austin that has raised over a million dollars for the Flatwater Foundation. The foundation helps families cope with a cancer diagnosis.    

Tyler’s, thank you for showing us how giving back can be a fun, water-filled experience!



IG: @gearheadoutfitters // FB: Gearhead Outfitters, Inc 


Gearhead Outfitters is known by the locals to be true to their roots: employing long-time local residents, supporting local organizations, and building relationships within their communities. Their mission is to help customers live active, fulfilling lives by providing quality outdoor-inspired products, backed by deep expertise and remarkable service.                  

Gearhead empowers locals to stretch their limits. One fun event they host is The Endurance Challenge. This challenge is designed to encourage participants to achieve a distance they may not think they could do. Participants run 2.5 miles every hour for up to 12 hours. Not only does Gearhead teach their participants endurance, but they are also hosting the events for a good cause. The events support United Way and The Humane Society.

Gearhead, we love how you empower your customers to do more than they believe is possible!


BLUE SEVEN  | Oklahoma City, OK 

IG, Twitter: @blue_7 // FB: Myblueseven

Blue Seven opened in Oklahoma City and is known as "the gift store" for unique products in the area. Their mission is to use retail as a way of connecting people, building and strengthening relationships. The founder, Caleb calls it “relationship through retail”.  Their people-first philosophy shapes the way they buy for the store, treat customers, and pay employees.       

Blue Seven gives adventure by hosting events that encourage creativity and team building. A recent event was a Habitat for Humanity project. Blue Seven's employees and customers worked together to build a house for their neighbors. 

Blue Seven, thanks for  inspiring us to experience the gift of giving to our neighbors.



IG: @ wholeearthprov // FB, Twitter: WholeEarthProv 


For 45 years, the local Austin store, Whole Earth Provision Co. has remained true to its founding ideals: "to conduct individuals their own education, find their own inspiration, shape their own environment and share the adventure with whoever is interested. To that end, our mission is providing goods that are relevant, educational, of high quality and fun."

Whole Earth gives adventure by volunteering to help clean up local rivers and parks and teach outdoor education classes for children and teens. They also give to non-profits who preserve and restore the environment. Non-profits include: Nature Conservancy, Texas State Parks, and a few more. 

Thank you Whole Earth for helping us keep this place beautiful.