Retailers who #giveadventure - 1

Posted by: Hello Kammok

Our retail partners have been inspiring us to give the gift of adventure since day one. This month, we are devoting a four part “What We Love” series to sharing their stories. This week, learn how three of our retailers equip their communities for adventure, from Arkansas to Connecticut. 


Fayettechill | Fayetteville, AR

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Fayettechill is a lifestyle store and brand based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Fayettechill’s mission is to cultivate local community by curating an environment where you can relax in the outdoors with ease and good vibes. 

Fayettechill gives adventure through the environment created at Basecamp, their flagship store. Basecamp serves as a common meeting spot for adventures: road cleans with local nonprofits, weekend hike trips, and even monthly yoga classes, open to all. Fayettechill gives the gift of adventure by making adventure-ready clothing and creating opportunities for their hometown to get outside together. They empower their local community to find passion in the outdoors and they equip them with the products and experiences to make it possible.
Fayettechill, thank you for your constant energy and good vibes!


Eastern Mountain Sports, EMS | Meriden, CT

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Eastern Mountain Sports is a specialty outdoor store located in the Northeast. Their mission is to be the most trusted source for gear and information that helps people get outside and experience their passion. EMS describes this pass as “a fire that burns to explore the limits of both nature and self”.  

EMS employees give gift of adventure by infusing their passions for outdoors into everything they do: designing apparel, continuously testing and using the products they sell, and sharing gear and adventure tips with the communities they serve. They hire only the most passionate and knowledgeable adventurers to serve their customers. EMS, thank you for your example of equipping others for adventure! 


Cumberland Transit | Nashville, TN

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Cumberland Transit employees live by their hashtag “#ventureready” to give the opportunity of adventure to their community. Their owners are actively a part of their day-to-day retail space, creating a tight-knit team on mission to #GiveAdventure. You might spy the Kammok Roo hanging outside their East Nashville store on a pretty days, attend their free clinics at Percy Warner Park, join the Monday Crazy Owls on their trail run, or hang with locals at their community coffee shop on the West End. 

When we asked Cumberland Transit what this Holiday season means to them, we were touched by their response:

This holiday season means opportunity, family, reflection, and focus. The holidays brings the need and desire for adventure in a world that doesn’t always have, or give itself that opportunity. The days get shorter and darker; the air gets colder and wetter. The need for fresh air and an escape becomes more necessary than ever. Getting outside needs to be put on the calendar just as much as that morning coffee, or that business lunch. If you don’t live everyday to the fullest and take time to look around and appreciate it, you could miss some greatness that our planet has to provide. 

To them, everyone has this opportunity, but just needs to be encouraged.  
Cumberland Transit, here’s to #GivingAdventure!