Mosquitos? We love 'em

Posted by: Hello Kammok

It's true. When they can't get to you, they can't hurt you, bite you, or swarm your face incessantly. We design gear that protects you from the tiniest bugs, even the ones invisible to the naked eye, so you can rest easy. 

Meet the Dragonfly Bug Net. 

Made with Dragonet™ material, integrated light loops, and 360º bug protection, this product is an all-time team favorite–because it's necessary almost every time you hammock camp, and it works.


Total bug protection

All the way around, you're safe. No holes, no glitches in the system. Make sure you cinch both ends tight, your zipper is completely closed, and you'll be completely bug free. Seriously. 

Light and breezy

We designed this product with a top-of-the-line mesh called Dragonet™ material that feels light as air and allows the wind to pass easily through. The mesh gives incredible visibility to your surroundings and the night sky, keeping the sketchy bugs out and the good views in sight. 


Light loops + head space

The ridge-line that your Dragonfly clips into allows for a roomy set up and plenty of interior space to sit up, read, or enjoy your surroundings. Clip in a light loop on top to make your space a little more home-y and practical for night reading. Don't fret the bugs you'll attract in the process–you're protected!


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