Gifts for Mom: The love she deserves.

Posted by: Andrew Glenn

Mom. Code for badass, multi-task caregiver, camp cook, bloody-knee kisser, and trail blazer. She is Mom, she’s the bomb, and the day is quickly approaching to show her what she means to you.

Whether the adventurous or thrives-indoors type, your Mom is sure to love this curated list of gear, accessories, and recipes for Mom’s Day 2018.

Mom's Day Gift List

1. Fresh bouquet of peonies.

Nothing brightens a Mother's Day like a bouquet of peonies, a handful of daisies, or a dozen blooming hydrangeas. Spruce things up with a speedy flower service like Urban Stems.

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2. A portable paradise

Otherwise known as a soft, silky, take-anywhere hammock. We suggest the Roo Single Hammock, a mom-sized getaway, perfect for backyard naps or indoor installation. Every mom could use a little "me time"!

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3. A photo book (filled with her favorite people!)

Whip out the naked baby bathtub pics and get a professional quality photo book printed by Artifact Uprising. Beautiful, sleek, and sturdy enough to last through the next family reunion, this gift keeps giving.

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4. Home cooked meal.

Nothing says I love you more than whipping out the cast iron skillet. Check out this recipe for a cast iron skillet butternut squash scramble, one of our favorite recipes for a long morning.

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5. An up-cycled tote bag

For the mom on the go, gift one of these tote bags, made from the leftover materials of our Roo Double hammock. Whether she’s at the store, heading to the trailhead, or crushing errands, she’s guaranteed to appreciate her new tote. Plus, they’re very packable.

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6. Teva sandals

Comfortable, fab, everyone's rocking them. Any Mom can pull off these functional sandals, made by our friends at Teva.

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7. Sourdough starter kit

You love bread, we love bread, moms love bread. An affordable way to give something that you can take on together.

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8. The complete package

The Hang Forever Kit has all you need to get Mom to kick her feet up– the Roo Double hammock, Python 10 straps, and a Tote to carry it all. Now she can quickly hang almost anywhere.

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9. May Designs notebook

Completely customizable from cover to inside page, give the gift of personalization with a new journal for travels or planner to maximize adventures in the coming months.

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10. Kammok gift card

Still can’t decide? Have her call the shots with a gift card to Kammok. Boom, easy.

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Roo Power Moms

We love these adventure moms who are getting out there and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. It’s the smallest attempt at changing up routine that make the difference in shaping a positive outdoor perspective for kids.