Experts say the Mantis hammock tent is "game changing"

Posted by: Sarah Fischer

To launch the Mantis on Kickstarter, we tee’d up some of the most respected hammock campers to test out the Mantis and Mantis Ultralight hammock systems in the wild. Here’s what they had to say about our newest elevated camp set-up!

“A new hammock tent for the mainstream.” Adventure Alan is a trusted outdoor gear reviewer and longtime hammocker - his preferred way to camp! You can read Alan's full review on his website (a great resource for campers!), but here are some of the highlights:

  • "It’s light. At 1 lb 15 oz, it’s lighter than most solo backpacking tents and most other complete hammock setups
  • "The suspension (stuff you need to hang the hammock from trees) is a winning combination of light and easy to use!"
  • "A dazzling array of tie-outs in key locations, make pitching customization super easy."

adventure alan hammock camping with the Mantis

“The Mantis is a hammock camping game changer.” Dana Rosso is a longtime Kammok customer, native Alaskan and avid hammock camper (even in 0º weather)! About the Mantis, Dana had this to say:

Quick set-up and comfortable hang. The Mantis is the fastest [all-in-one] hammock that I have ever set-up, but the best part is that each and every time that I set the Mantis up I am getting the perfect hang angle with the right amount of sag for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Bug-free view. The new bug net style allows for a complete view all around your hammock, they have even added a new black section on bug netting at the top giving you the best possible view of the stars that you have ever seen in a hammock with the bug net installed.

Easy integration with products you already own. Do you already own a underquilt....the bobcat, firebelly? Well, you are in luck. The Mantis has the same gear loops that you have been used to using with your Roo for years. Now you don’t have to fight trying to slide the underquilt through the zipper of your bug net...  you now have complete access the the underside of your hammock with new barriers. Connect the ends of your quilt and clip the sides onto your gear loops, and you are now ready for a warm night sleep without the fear of middle-of-the-night cold butt.

The Mantis is a hammock camping game changer, you can easily pack everything that you need for a wonderful night between the trees and still have room in your pack for everything else that you need. You will no longer find yourself getting to the campsite only to find that you forgot to pack your ridgeline, or your ground stakes or even your bug net. As soon as you pack your Mantis you have packed it all. Get the Mantis, upgrade your gear love your camping experience! You deserve the easiest best nights sleep in the backcountry, the Mantis is going to get you there!  

“Attention to detail at every key feature.” Founder of The Ultimate Hang, a go-to resource for hammock campers, Derek Hansen is widely regarded as one of the experts when it comes to hammock camping. Derek tested our Mantis Ultralight set-up. Watch the video below for his thoughts on the all-in-one hammock tent.

“Ridiculously light weight.” Longtime Kammok customer and brand advocate Jason George reviewed our Mantis and told us he nearly mistook it for another product when it arrived on his doorstep - “I thought it might be the Firebelly it was so small.” Read Jason’s reaction to testing out the Mantis below:

I opened the Mantis and was impressed with the all-in-one package, everything was together, not in separate bags. The material was silky soft and light weight as a feather while maintaining durability. Without an instruction manual, I was able to set it up.  

The rainfly is sweet and great coverage, just what you need and enough tie downs to be secure in a windy storm. The tie downs are super easy to use...

The main body again is so soft and smooth. Super-fast and easy to set up and take down. I did place my 2nd generation Firebelly down underquilt underneath my hammock, temperatures were in the low 30s with some wind. I slept in it all night, super comfortable, and found myself diagonal when I woke up in the morning.

I am so impressed with this design. I could see and appreciate the time, creativity, patience, commitment, uniqueness, inspiration, special attention to detail, passion and lots of hard work creating this product. I am stoked to use this on my winter backpacking trip in the Western Sierras.

We hope enjoyed these hot takes from our trusted reviewers. If you're keen on using the Mantis to hammock camp this summer, preorder today on Kickstarter! The campaign ends Tuesday, March 5 at 4 pm CT.