The camping hammock, reimagined.

Posted by: Haley Robison

Dear Campers,

Our commitment is to design the highest-performing, easy-to-use gear for the outdoors. We believe trustworthy gear warrants this standard of quality, which is why we design every component of our products from the ground up, setting industry standards for performance and intuitive design.

This year, we're excited to lead as innovators in elevated camp, inviting your feedback and ideas as we go.

Today, we're launching our flagship product redesigned: the all-new Roo Double. The Roo Double has led our industry-leading lineup for elevated camp since launching on Kickstarter in 2011. Since then, we've continued to grow the Kammok family through community-driven product innovation. In 2019, you'll see more innovations from Kammok, both on and crowdfunding platforms.

Simply put, we've made our best even better. What this means for you: more for less.

Our Roo Double is now made with Gravitas™ our trusted, most crowd-pleasing 40D ripstop nylon. Gravitas™ is stronger, softer, and more packable than our previous 70D ripstop nylon - and any other fabric on the market.

With our new Gravitas™ constructed Roo Double, you'll get:

More strength for less weight.

The new Roo Double is now 18oz, 20% lighter than our previous version. With a weight capacity of 500 lbs, the Roo Double now boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio on the market. With our patented Kanga Claws™ and Dyneema Racer Slings™, you're guaranteed a safe and comfortable hang.

More packability and comfort for less bulk.

Our 40D Gravitas™ fabric compresses easily, making the new Roo Double more packable. At 30% less cubic volume than the previous Roo Double, there's no excuse for leaving town without it.

The Gravitas™ fabric is also incredibly soft to the touch - 10 out of 10 campers approve! From our Roo Single reviews, campers loved the 40D ripstop nylon:

"The fabric is invitingly soft..." - JTG

"The other thing I love is the fabric. It really is silky smooth." - Rock

"This hammock is unbelievably lightweight and soooooo soft. Like laying in a cloud!" - Patty

"The only thing that I felt was comfortable." - Jorge

Higher performance for a lower price.

We're excited to offer the 2019 Roo Double at a new retail price of $79. Streamlining production of our Roo hammock line also means decreased waste for an overall more sustainable product.

Lastly, we're introducing new colors. With this launch, we're welcoming a new line-up inspired by you and our favorite colors found in nature: Canyon, Midnight, Pine, Wildberry and Onyx (coming soon exclusively on Uncrate Supply)!

So here's to 2019.

A year for innovation in design. We're excited to unveil new products to our community each month this season. Have something you'd like to see from Kammok this year? We're listening, and we'd love your input.

Haley Robison