7 Ways to give adventure

Posted by: Hello Kammok

The year is 2050, you’re decorating the tree with your future grand kids, and they ask about the best present you’ve ever received. After a quick shuffle through your memory rolodex, your story begins with the morning you...

  1. got two sticks of chapstick in your stocking
  2. were gifted a new iPhone 7 to replace your cracked iPhone 7
  3. were surprised with an unexpected trip into the unknown. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love a new phone, but we carry experiences with us much longer than material goods. They’ll form the words that will fill your journals and campfire stories. Experiences teach you the lessons of life and shape your path. 


A few ideas for your back pocket this season: to give adventure, or in this case, experiences.  


1 | Give a scavenger hunt

Draw out a treasure map or list of coordinates to a series of places you’d like to visit. Through the house, the neighborhood, the city. To the taco truck, the peak, the chairlift. 

2 | Give to the birds

Collect pine cones and make ornaments to give loved ones for the holidays, or roll them in peanut butter and add some seeds for the birds. 

3 | Give a cooking class

Sign up for a cooking class, learn a new recipe, and step up your food game next time you go camping.

4 | Give a secret trip

Reserve a weekend with a friend or two, and plan a road trip, trip to disneyland, or weekend in the woods.

5 | Give some dice and roll away

Adventure by fate and roll the die. 1 means north, 2 east, 3 south, 4 west, 5 go to the nearest border, 6 stay put. Inspired by a dirtbag diaries post. 

6 | Give your time

Set your weekend aside for someone. Ask what they’d like to do and how you can support. Try to do more listening than talking (there’s always something to learn and everyone is an expert at something).

7 | Give back

Instead of passing around gifts, have everyone pick a philanthropic cause to donate to. 


Words and illustrations by Adam Kingman