7 Things to Pack for Camping this Summer

Posted by: Sarah Fischer

This summer, we’re all about more #timeoutside. From weekend trips to weeklong excursions, a camping trip is at the top of our summer bucket list. Our team picked out a few of our favorite products that are must-haves no matter where you hang your hammock. Gear up, and get going!

1. Roo Double Hammock

It goes without saying, but you’ll want to bring along your hammock for every adventure whether you’re sleeping on or off the ground. The Roo Double is the perfect respite after a day of hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.

2. Snow Peak Titanium Spork

You might think this is too high on the list, but to you we say, “Have you ever forgotten a spork?” It’s pretty miserable. The Snow Peak titanium spork flexes as a fork, spatula, and spoon when you need it at camp. We promise, you’ll keep this guy close.

3. BioLite Headlamp

The headlamp, a crucial piece of equipment for any camper (or anyone really). BioLite’s Headlamp 330 is comfy, rechargeable, and its four light settings will make setting up camp way quicker. Camp hack: hang from your ridgeline for a reading light.

4. Bobcat Trail Quilt

A trail quilt is a must-have to stay warm. Minimalist sleeping bag, top quilt, and hammock underquilt, the Bobcat trail quilt adapts to your preferred way of sleeping while keeping you cozy throughout the night.

5. Miir Camp Cup

Mug. Bowl. Makeshift pot. Vessel of Life. A trusty camp mug goes a long way at camp. We recommend this insulated, stainless mug to hold up in the long run. Camp hack: cook couscous right inside your mug, just add boiling water and put the lid on tight.

6. Sunski Sunglasses

Nature’s beauty is not meant to be viewed through squinting eyes. Pick up a pair of polarized Sunskis made with recycled plastic to minimize glare and look cool as heck. We’d recommend the Sidekicks with removable sunshields.

 7. Kuhli Weather Shelter

Ditch the tent for a more versatile shelter option. Hang the Kuhli above your hammock, or use it on the ground for cowboy camping. Light enough for backpacking, but large enough to fit two snugly underneath. It also works magic as a sunshade.

8. Trail Magic

Whether it’s a hidden bar of dark chocolate, a pack of Uno cards, or a flask, you’ll be the hero of camp for thinking ahead.