5 reasons you should hammock camp

Posted by: Rebecca Chen

It’s dark. It’s late. It’s cold.

As you rummage around your tent bag, you manage to feel the difference between your tent’s footprint and rainfly. Hazah! You’ve found the tarp and you pull it out in victor—and you spoke too soon.

You hear 11 stakes clank together as they scatter across the dirt, blending in with the jumble of twigs and leaves at your feet.

We’ve all been there.

But rather than getting hung up over finding the right side of the rainfly, leave the hanging to a hammock.


Here are 5 reasons to drop a tent and pick up a Kammok hammock:

1. Set up and break down camp faster.

With just two straps to sling around trees and a hammock to click into place, hammocks make camp set-up quick and easy. No tarp poles, no sleeping pad to inflate, no tarp poles to scatter. (Need some help setting up a hammock? Check out our how-to video here.)


2. Travel lighter.

No one likes a heavy pack, especially when you’re trekking through the backcountry. The solution? Our Roo Double weighs 24 oz and our Roo Single weighs just 10 oz and packs down to the size of a soda can. Take a load off and make space for that extra snack or pair of socks.


3. Sleep better.

While you may be too old to have your parents rock you to sleep, hammocks will do the job for you -- and will help you catch more restorative sleep. According to a study by neuroscientists at the University of Geneva, “Rocking increased the length of N2 sleep, a form of non-REM sleep that takes up about half of a good night's rest”  (see NPR summary here). The scientists also found that the rocking motion of a hammock helps people fall asleep faster.


4. Find camp wherever you are.

No matter what the terrain looks like under foot, muddy, rocky, sloped, root-filled, your hammock will guarantee you a sound night’s sleep. Make stiff muscles and achy backs a thing of the past when you take your sleep off the ground.


5. Leave no trace. 

Suspend your sleep to avoid leaving a footprint at your campsite. Our tree-friendly straps minimize stress on tree bark by distributing weight across 1.5” of webbing. Camp in a hammock and keep Mother Nature looking fresh.