THE KAMMOK ROO | The World’s Best Camping Hammock

Posted by: Greg McEvilly

The Roo Hammock: The Roo camping hammock is designed for life changing adventure. Inspired by the female red kangaroo, this camping hammock will get you off the ground in a hurry, give you a comfortable, secure place to rest, then pack up quickly so you can continue on your journey.  There are many amazing features that set the Roo apart from all other hammocks.  Not only is the Roo designed with the highest quality components, it also comes packed with a great story in the fight against Malaria

Material: The Roo is made of LunarWave™, Kammok’s proprietary diamond ripstop fabric. LunarWave is supple and soft like a silk blanket, yet super lightweight, tear resistant, and breathable. You will instantly feel the difference in softness and durability! 

Size: Measuring 5'7" x 10', the Roo is larger than most double camping hammocks on the market.  We wanted to create a larger size hammock to deliver maximum comfort and a flatter lay.  Maybe you want to share that hang with a friend, or your great dane?  Well, there is room for both of you!

Durability: The Roo camping hammock will hold up to 500lbs, has heavy duty triple-stitched seams (provides for more surface area holding the fabric together), tear resistant, breathable, quick drying nylon. You’d be hard pressed to find a more durable nylon hammock out there.

Compression Sack: Setting up and taking down the Roo hammock is a breeze as it packs easily into its attached water-resistant compression sack – the only one of its kind. When packed into the compression sack the Roo is roughly the size of an angry blowfish. Just toss it in the beach bag, or hang it from your pack’s gear loops. The Roo camping hammock is easy to bring along no matter the occasion.

Gear Loops: The Roo also features multiple gear loops along the perimeter of the hammock allowing for fully customizable storage and tie out options.  This unique design element makes it easy to store your valuables within reach, or keep your stash of treats up and away from critters. 

Climbing Equipment:  One of our favorite features about the Roo is that it comes fully-loaded with high quality, climbing grade equipment: two (2) patent-pending Kanga Claw carabiners, and two (2) Dyneema Racer Slings, instead of the normal bulky rope ends. That’s $34 of climbing gear – talk about added value! The Kanga Claw is a patent pending wire gate carabiner made from hot forged aerospace grade aluminum with 22kN breaking strength (This ‘biner will hold up to 5000 lbs).

OUR PROMISE: Kammok strives to create the highest quality products to outfit the socially conscious adventurer. We proudly stand behind everything we make. Therefore, the Kammok Roo carries a lifetime warranty to the original owner against material and workmanship defects. If you are not satisfied with any Kammok product upon delivery, or if the product does not perform to your satisfaction, please contact us so that we can make things right. As a MOBster, we view you as family, and making things right is what family does!

The Give: The Kammok Roo stands on its own as the World’s Best Camping Hammock, but you should also know the impact behind each Roo sale.  For every Roo sold we donate 5 life saving treatments to children with Malaria in Africa! We get so amped to share this good news with you because it is our heartbeat – our very reason for being is to Love (the adventure of changing lives)! We have partnered with Malaria No More to distribute medication and preventative health education with the hope of ending malaria deaths in Africa by 2015! So, while you’re camping under the stars or hanging with friends on campus, share about the amazing Roo features, and tell the story about how your hammock is investing in the lives of young people in Arfica!  We would also love to hear about how YOU are impacting your local community! Share your story with us at, and you could be featured on TheMOBlog.

Kate Renz: Travel, Fashion and Adventure Photographer & Filmmaker

"For me, I've always owned hammocks that were somewhat difficult to put up.  You had to screw in the hooks and the hammock itself was large and hard to handle.  Of course there was comfort, but having that comfort was never quick and easy.  When I got the Roo, I got both.  I am able to tote the hammock and its straps in a large purse or small backpack and set up anywhere I want.  I have the luxury of walking to the park, setting up my Roo, and relaxing for hours.  But it doesn't stop there.  The Roo is just as comfortable, if not more, than any hammock I've owned.  I'm not afraid of falling asleep in it and waking up with with a sore back.  And I love that you can close it up and feel like you're in your own mini tent. It's almost like having your own cocoon!  It's the best.  I'd recommend it to anyone."


Austin Mann: Travel and Adventure Photographer, Filmmaker and Owner of WELD Co-Working Space and Studio's.

“The Roo simplifies the way I think about adventure and spontaneous get-a-ways — I feel like I can be out in a heartbeat, traveling lighter with fewer details to worry about. Some of my most treasured times in life are hangin’ in a Roo w/ buddies in the wilderness."


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