This is the #1 thing you'll forget to pack on your next trip.

Posted by: Hello Kammok

Adventure is unpredictable–we've all been there. Here's our blatant suggestion of *please don't forget this thing* to stay safe, prepared, dry, and comfortable during your time outdoors. We can guarantee you will need it on your next adventure.


Always pack a rain jacket or waterproof protector.

Rain cover is the #1 thing campers forget, but wish they had in a pinch. Even if the forecast is clear as day, rain can come across the mountains faster than you can say "take cover."  Staying dry can make the difference between being freezing and just uncomfortable–so take the 10oz hit to your bag and pack a rain protector. 

Bonus: pack an extra layer of warmth.

Winds can take a turn, temperatures drop, and you'll never regret having one extra layer for warmth and protection. When it comes down to it, no one wants to be freezing and trying to fall asleep.  


Our solution to packing for unpredictable adventure?

To fix the problem of overpacking gear for adventure that's tough to predict, meet the All Adventure Camp Blankets. Launched on Kickstarter last week, and fully funded in two hours, these camp blankets are a three-part system to keep you dry and comfortable outside. 



The Mountain and Field Blankets can be used as a rain protector, ground blanket, makeshift sleeping bag, top quilt for your hammock, and as a poncho. With a water resistant exterior that's super durable, and a plush interior fleece that keeps you cozy–these blankets are the perfect solution for your outdoor adventures.

The Mesa Mat is our waterproof solution to variable elements. No more bulky tarps, it's light weight and fit for on-the-go trips.