Day 1: On the road to Yosemite

Posted by: Hello Kammok

“Yosemite is calling and I can hear her whispers, 
as we sit in movement pushing across earth and wind, 
12 collected thoughts wait in anticipation of vast glory,
a place where Galen Clark and John Muir 
touched foot to dirt and eye to majesty.  
Memories fade from city to forest, 
we move, we wait, we believe.” -Ty Clark




I am sitting on an RV just outside of Barstow, CA en-route to Yosemite, one of the most majestic places on this planet with 10 talented humans.  For the next 10 days I will be exploring the great wild with a group of filmmakers, photographers and artists from the On Location Collective. The objective of On Location is to create beautiful imagery and captivating stories as a means to inspirational, relationship-cultivating experiences. We are traveling with a bevy of sponsor's for this trip including KIND SnacksStanleyRoyal RobbinsField NotesNalgene, Think TankGerber and a bunch of others!


I am excited to not only be a part of this collective, but also to share some of the brilliant imagery from this adventure with you, the Kammok MOB.


We left Texas at 5am yesterday amidst powering thunderstorms and tornado warnings that set the stage for what is to come.  The road is long through our mighty state, within the next 8-9 hours we will arrive into New Mexico with blue skies. 



We stopped for dinner in Albuquerque at Kelsi Williamson’s (one of the On Location photographers) folk’s home. Our weary crew feasted on a vast spread of pasta, fruit, salad and desserts.  


After checking our brakes and a few minor RV fixes we were back on the road to Flagstaff.  We drove across the AZ border with a stunning southwest sunset leading our way, the inhabitants of the RV all pressed toward the windshield to get a great shot before the sun reached its new location in the world.  As the dark crept in, the crew fell asleep and I drove on a few hours until my eyes could not longer stay open. We pulled into a small AZ town to take a short nap so we would stay alive on the road.  



The crew was awake with wheels back on the pavement by 5:30am. We crossed over into CA with anticipation as we passed the small distant towns of Needles, Barstow and Hinkley.  I am reminded of the many times I have made this grueling drive from TX to CA, hoping to never make it again. However, the memories of my previous journeys grow fonder each mile.



Our crew for the #onlocoyo OnLocationCollective expedition consists of:

Steve Rokks: @steverokks | Ashley Rokks: @ashleyrokks | Esther Havens: @estherhavens 

Austin Mann: @austinmann | Me: @samo4prez | Kristopher Rutherford: @krisfilm 

Doug Klembara: @dougklembara | Kelsi Williamson: @kelsiwil | Tiffany McAnarney: @tmacstudio  

Sean Berry: @berryphotog | Michael Lleiato: @michaelleiato | Jordan Bellamy: @jor_by | Skyler Fike: @skyfi



Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I share my journey from #onlocoyo (On Location Collective Yosemite) Yosemite expedition. I hope to leave you images and video that will inspire you to get outside, visit our National Parks and take an adventure!

Ty Clark 

Kammok Director of MOBilization