Celebrate National Hammock Day

Posted by: Hello Kammok

photo by Zachary Gilbert


"National Hammock Day" is today, and we are calling on the entire Kammok MOB to take a break during your day to relax in a Roo hammock and celebrate our collective impact in the fight against Malaria. National Hammock Day was created to remind us all to slow down, breathe easy and enjoy these beautiful summer months.

Due to the support of the Kammok MOB,  we are currently able to provide two children with life-saving Malaria treatment every hour through Kammok product sales!

This is incredible momentum! Every minute, a child dies from Malaria in Africa, but we are working to drive this number down and collectively provide HOPE to families in great need. Let's celebrate our impact tomorrow!

Here's how: 

We would love for you to join us by posting a picture of you in your Roo Hammock sometime during your day today.  Then, share it on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page. Show the world the impact you are making in the fight against Malaria by using these hashtags: #theroolife #kammok #nationalhammockday #malarianomore

Our favorite picture will win a $100 Gift Card to Kammok.com



Here are a few ways that you can share your love for Kammok and our fight to end Malaria! (Feel free to copy & share these or come up with your own!): 

Twitter: I helped save 5 lives by kick’n back in my @kammok_mob #theroolife #kammok #nationalhammockday @malarianomore 

Instagram/Facebook: I fight malaria by kick’n back in my @kammok_mob #hammock. 1 Roo hammock purchase = 5 lives saved! #theroolife #nationalhammockday @malarianomore @kammok_mob


If you are anywhere near Austin, TX you are welcome to come hang out at our National Hammock Day open house celebration! http://bit.ly/KammokEventFB