Behind the design: The Mantis

Posted by: Sarah Fischer


The story of the Mantis starts in 2017. Our product design team had a vision for an easier camp set-up and a better night’s sleep off the ground. Too many cold, wet set-ups with clumsy tent poles and sleepless nights on the ground called for an upgrade to the camp experience.

Enter the Mantis. Conceptualized to be an intuitive and lightweight all-in-one hammock, the Mantis has the highest weight-to-strength ratio of any all-in-one hammock system. For the Mantis design, Kammok stepped into the ultralight world with our Levitas™ 20D nylon ripstop fabric and ultralight Python Straps made with SpiraLine™. Countless iterations and product testing in unforgiving weather, we finally said “yes” and cracked open a cold one to celebrate.

We’re grateful to debut the Mantis this season, and invite you into our community-driven design. To bring you even more into the fold, we’re answering some of the core questions that led to our final design of the Mantis. Enjoy!

How do we elevate camp?

Make it easy. Make it long-lasting. Make you forget the gear in your pack.

As backpackers and campers, high performing gear is crucial to help you get from point A to point B. Whether it’s to the northern terminus or to the end of a long weekend, gear needs to hold up and perform when it matters. For the Kammok team and our campers, the trademarks of quality gear are: ease of use, durability, and weight. The Mantis all-in-one hammock tent meets these requirements and more to elevate the backcountry experience.

Unlike a ground tent, the Mantis offers a 60-second setup. Its abrasion-resistant fabrics, stronger-than-steel straps and lifetime warranty guarantee countless nights under the stars. More than that, it’s so lightweight, we hope you forget it’s in your pack.

How do we make set-up easier?

Take it from minutes to seconds.

The Mantis was designed to be as easy as hanging your Roo hammock - no knots or poles necessary. An attached, waterproof stuff sack means it packs downs as easily as it unfurls. Separate compartments in the stuff sack keep your rainfly from dampening the rest of your gear.

An integrated ridgeline, bug net and canopy closures allow you to hang bug free and even more flat than a typical night in your hammock. No extra set-up required.

How do we make gear that's longer lasting?

Accept no less than the best, or design it yourself.

The Mantis and Mantis Ultralight feature the highest performing and most technical hammock fabrics to ensure not only a comfortable night’s sleep, but countless ones to come. Both the Levitas™ and Gravitas™ are abrasion and tear resistant ripstop nylon fabrics with weight capacities that outmatch the competition.

To simultaneously cut weight and maintain long-lasting strength in our Mantis Ultralight, we innovated new Python Ultralight straps from Spiraline™ - a fabric 15 times stronger than steel. The bulk stops here.

How do we make gear less bulky?

Drop it (the ounces) like it’s hot.

Intentional design means the Mantis cuts the bulk - no part unnecessary or inflexible. From a removable bug net to an integrated rainfly, each component of the Mantis has a purpose and adapts to your needs. Zip the bug net off when you can, ditch the rainfly on sunny days, and slide off the stuff sack to go ultralight. Stakes and accessories are optional.  

With the Mantis, we made sure there’s only weight where it matters.

Finally, how do we make camp more fun?

Make it accessible for everyone.

Design a product to impress the gear junkies and simplify camp for the beginners, because at the end of the day, we all have more fun when we’re together.