A California hang on Lake Tahoe

Posted by: Hello Kammok

Last July, photographer Greg Balkin took a crew of friends to hammock-it over the pristine water of Lake Tahoe. He shared a bit more about the Flash MOB and why weekend adventures with close friends make him the person he hopes to be. 

Where did the Flash MOB go?

It was Fourth of July and we were in South Lake Tahoe, specifically Glenbrook. One of my roommates, Adam, grew up here and his family hosted all of us for a few days. This amazing spot is luckily within walking distance of his house, so we were all able to pack our bags with Kammoks and necessary beach supplies, then make our way down to the water. Adam grew up here, spending summers down at the water and winter up in the mountains. I'm sure he was stoked to share some of these experiences with a huge group of friends, especially because a lot of us had never been to Tahoe before. 


Photo by Greg Balkin


Who was a part of the Flash MOB? 

The group was a mixture of old and new friends who came together for some quality fun. Somewhere around 18 people drove out. And we were from all over - Seattle, Orange County, Austin, somewhere in Virginia, and Kansas City. Some of us met in college, some friends grew up together, and others met in Uganda a few years ago. We call the group the Wondercampers. Everyone encourages each other, we love venturing out on camping trips together, or just doing life as a family. 


Photo by Davis Goslin


What about days outside with friends is special for you?

After traveling so much on my own this year, I think I've learned a whole new appreciation for having a close group of people in my life who I walk alongside. Community is a place where we can dream together, challenge and encourage each other, comfort when things are rough, or yell and play outside together. Plain and simple, it's helped me become a truer version of who I am. Days outside like the ones in Tahoe are important because it grounds all of us and puts us on the same page. It's so easy to get caught up in the daily struggles of life, whether it's work, money, busy schedules, etc. But when you're laughing and having fun outside or walking together on trails, we're all connected and the important things become much clearer.


Photo by Greg Balkin