Sustainably Made
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Sustainably Made
Limited Edition
Product on backorder
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Mountain Blanket Printed

Ultra-Plush Fleece Blanket


Cacti Crew
Desert Stars

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Your favorite new friend for cold desert nights. Feel the warmth of our ultra-plush fleece as soon as it hits your shoulders. From wine night on the couch to mallow roasting around the fire pit, our Mountain Blanket Printed will be your new go-to cold weather companion.

Complete your setup:

Firebelly 30°F addon
Firebelly 30°F Down Trail quilt

Mountain Blanket Printed is just as cozy as it is durable, with an ultra-plush fleece that’s guaranteed to keep you nice and toasty.

Four Mode
Ripstop Fabric
Woman with Mountain Blanket Printed in desert stars print wrapped around her shoulders.

Mountain Blanket Printed is lined with ultra-plush fleece that’s designed to keep you cuddly and cozy when the mercury drops.

Woman standing wearing Mountain Blanket Printed in poncho mode. Blanket is cacti crew print.

A center opening turns the blanket into a convenient poncho ready to be worn anywhere, from the campfire to the couch.

Two women sitting on back of truck wrapped in Mountain Blanket Printed, one in cacti crew and one in desert stars.

Spill resistant, tear resistant, life resistant. Your coziest blanket is now your most durable blanket.

Tech Specs
FAQ, Instructions & Care
Setup Videos

Durable for any adventure

Designed for roughing it outdoors and shaking off spills during movie night, the Mountain Blanket Printed is made with our durable Laetus Shell™ 63D Diamond Ripstop Polyester and backed by an ultra-plush fleece for maximum warmth and comfort. This blanket is tear-resistant and treated with a Durable Water Repellent finish to protect against unexpected conditions.

Wearable handsfree warmth

A center opening in the blanket turns it into a stylish yet functional poncho—a wearable blanket for staying warm and dry while keeping your hands free. Pass snacks, crack a cold one, or pet a cute dog while keeping cozy.

Oversized coverage

The Mountain Blanket Printed is longer and wider than a full size mattress, meaning you’ve got plenty of ultra-plush fleece coverage to cozy up with on chilly nights. Pro tip: Keep this oven-warm blanket by the bed so you have something toasty to step into on your way to get coffee.

Versatile travel blanket and pillow

The Mountain Blanket Printed easily stashes into a water resistant stuff sack, making it the perfect on-the-go blanket. Flip the stuff sack inside out for an ultra-plush fleece-lined pillow on the road. It’s the ultimate travel companion for your weekend getaways.

Intuitive integration

Kammok blankets feature a modular loop-and-snap integration system designed to adapt to every scenario. Fold the blanket in half and snap it to itself to create a minimal sleeping bag for overnight excursions. Pair two blankets and snap them together to layer warmth. Snap a blanket to our Roo hammocks to create a lightweight top quilt while you hang. Our blankets are the swiss army knives of blankets.

Hidden stash pocket

No blanket is complete without a pocket to hold your phone, snacks, remote, or headlamp.

Adventure Grade Guarantee

As always, our Mountain Blanket Printed is backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Tech Specs


Mountain Blanket Printed

  • 1 × Mountain Blanket Printed
  • 1 × Stuff sack

Best Used For

Camping, couch lounging, backyard lounging, traveling


Unpacked Dimensions
L 86.5 x W 57 in
L 220 x W 145 cm

Packed Dimensions
L 10.2 x W 10.2 x H 15 in
L 26 x W 26 x H 38.1 cm


Total Packed Weight
3.7 lb / 1678 grams


Product Material
Laetus Shell™ 63D Diamond Ripstop Polyester, with PU and DWR Waterproofing, and 100% polyester ultra-plush fleece with DWR waterproofing

Stuff Sack Material
Laetus Shell™ 63D Diamond Ripstop Polyester, with PU and DWR Waterproofing


Poncho, sleeping bag, top quilt, ground blanket

Additional Specs

Stake Out Points
6 snap loops

Hidden Pocket
L 11 x W 7.5 in
L 28 x W 19 cm

Poncho Hole
13.8 in / 35 cm

FAQ, Instructions & Care

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the temperature rating of the Mountain Blanket Printed?

Our camp blankets are not scientifically tested or rated for temperature limits—only enclosed products with zippers can be tested for EN standard temperature ratings. However, our team recommends using the Mountain Blanket Printed at temperatures no colder than 50ºF to 60ºF depending on how warm or cold you like to sleep.

What’s the difference between the Field Blanket Printed and Mountain Blanket Printed?

The Field Blanket Printed is lined with a microfleece making it a lighter weight and cooler camp blanket than the warmer, heavier Mountain Blanket Printed. Both blankets are the same size. The Field Blanket Printed is best enjoyed as your go-to picnic blanket or car camping blanket on mild nights. The Mountain Blanket Printed is best enjoyed as a cool weather blanket to wrap yourself up like a toasty burrito.

What blankets are compatible with a Mountain Blanket Printed?

The Mountain Blanket Printed has snaps lined along the edge of the blanket. These snaps can be used to connect another blanket to layer warmth and protection. The Mountain Blanket Printed is compatible with all Kammok blankets, snap to another Mountain Blanket Printed, Field Blanket Printed, Field Blanket, Mountain Blanket, Field Blanket Jr. or Mesa Mat. Create a mega blanket side by side or sandwich two blankets together to create a cozy pocket.

What hammocks are compatible with a Mountain Blanket Printed?

The Mountain Blanket Printed has loops and snaps along the edge of the blanket. These loops and snaps can be connected to the gear loops located on a Roo hammock. By connecting your blanket to your hammock, your blanket stays above and in place while you sleep through the night. All Kammok hammocks have gear loops to attach accessory items in place such as blankets, pillows, and sleeping pads.

How do I wash my Mountain Blanket Printed?

Hand washing your gear with cold water and Grangers Down Wash + Repel is best for extending its useful life, but it can also be cleaned in a front-load washing machine (do not use a washing machine with an agitator). Washing machine instructions:

  • If the gear is soiled or stained, use the recommended amount of Grangers Down Wash + Repel. Do not use fabric softener, bleach, or stain removal products.
  • Wash the blanket by itself using the gentle/cold water setting.
  • Hang to dry, or use the delicate, no heat tumble setting on the dryer with a clean tennis ball, or dryer ball. Do not stuff back in stuff sack damp or wet.
Setup Videos

Mountain Blanket Printed

Mountain Blanket Printed

Ultra-Plush Fleece Blanket

Cacti Crew
Desert Stars