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Thylacine 40ºF

Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Product is available for pre-order only
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Thylacine 40ºF

Synthetic Sleeping Bag


Granite Gray
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Unpredictable weather ahead? The Thylacine 40ºF synthetic sleeping bag adapts to every climate with 100% recycled, synthetic insulation to keep you warm and dry. Variable Warmth Technology™ and CustomFit™ adjustments give you full control over temperature and fit.

Limited quantities are available. We’re retiring the Thylacine 40ºF to make room for new gear, and once sold out, it’s gone for good. Hurry! Pick up the last production round of Thylacine 40ºF before they sell out.

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Tech Specs
FAQ & Care

Pinneco Mantle® Synthetic Insulation

The Thylacine 40ºF features Pinneco Mantle® synthetic insulation, a 100% recycled polyester fill, that offers breathable warmth in moderate temperatures. Combined with Insotect Flow™construction, warmth is evenly distributed across the loft to keep you at optimal comfort level without cold spots.

Tailored warmth and super strong

Wide and roomy, or slim and snug, CustomFit™ adjustments allow you to cinch tight to eliminate cold spots for maximum thermal efficiency. Our Pertex™ Quantum GL fabric is durable for the backcountry, but silky-soft to the touch. Windproof and DWR treated, moisture and dirt roll right off, the Thylacine 40ºF is excellent for cowboy camping under the stars.

A sleeping bag for every season

The Thylacine 40ºF two-part system sleeping bag features Variable Warmth Technology™ allowing sleepers to adjust warmth levels in seconds by zipping in the Thylacine Liner. In the chillier environments, add the Thylacine Liner to transform the Thylacine to a 20º sleeping bag.

Convenience throughout the night

Keep your phone or headlamp close with the accessible zipper chest pocket. Create a makeshift pillow from your jacket, or secure your Puffin Pillow in place, using the Thylacine’s built-in pillow pocket. Never wake up with your pillow at your feet.


EN Temperature Ratings

The EN 13537 test standardizes temperature ratings on sleeping bags.* When using the same insulation in the same environment, women generally sleep colder than men. The best guideline for women is the Comfort rating, while the best guideline for men is the Lower Limit rating.

Comfort: The temperature at which a standard female can expect to sleep comfortably in a relaxed position.

Lower Limit: The temperature at which a standard male can sleep for eight hours in a curled position without waking.

Extreme: The minimum temperature at which a standard female can remain for six hours without risk of death from hypothermia (though frostbite is still possible).

*These ratings assume the camper is using a sleeping pad, a tent, and is wearing one base layer of long underwear.

Thylacine (Synthetic)

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Best Uses
Camping, Backpacking
Temperature Rating
Comfort 45°F / 7°C; Lower Limit: 36ºF / 2ºC; Extreme: 11ºF / -12ºC
Pinneco Mantle® synthetic insulation
Regular / Long
Fill Weight
Regular 28 oz / 794 g; Long 30 oz / 850 g
Total Weight
Regular 41 oz / 1162 g; Long 43 oz / 1219 g
Packed Dimensions
13 in x 9.5 in / 33 cm x 24 cm
Fits up to
Regular 6 ft / 183 cm; Long 6 ft 6 in / 198 cm
Regular 78 in / 198 cm; Long 84 in / 213 cm
Shoulder Girth
Regular 70 in / 177 cm; Long 70 in / 177 cm
Hip Girth
Regular 62 in / 157 cm; Long 72 in / 157 cm
Knee Girth
Regular 48 in / 123 cm; Long 48 in / 123 cm
Pad Sleeve
Zipper Location
Shell Fabric
Pertex™ Quantum GL 15D Ripstop Nylon with DWR (side + bottom) waterproofing
Footbox Fabric
15D Ripstop Nylon + DWR
Lining Fabric
20D Ripstop Nylon + DWR
Available Colors
FAQ & Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a liner?

Depending on the weather conditions you are camping in, you will need to purchase the Thylacine Liner. Our down liner increases your temperature rating by 20ºF, bringing you from a 40ºF bag to a 20ºF bag when using Thylacine 40ºF synthetic.

How does the bag adjust to all conditions?

With a removable down liner that can add or takeaway warmth in seconds, this bag is the perfect option when you aren't sure what the weather conditions will be when camping. From 0ºF to 40ºF, the Thylacine has you covered.

How do I wash my Thylacine?

The performance of this fill (heat retention!) is directly tied to its "loftiness." To help your products retain their loft, please follow our storage and cleaning instructions. Remember: Loft = warmth. Lofty gear = happy you.

Keep your sleeping bag in tip-top shape by spot cleaning or hand washing when possible. Hand washing your gear with cold water and Grangers Down Wash + Repel is best for extending its useful life, but it can also be cleaned in a front-load washing machine (do not use a washing machine with an agitator).
Washing machine instructions:

  • Zip up the sleeping bag.
  • If the gear is soiled or stained, use the recommended amount of Grangers Down Wash + Repel. Do not use fabric softener, bleach, or stain removal products.
  • Wash the gear by itself using the gentle/cold water setting.
  • Hang to dry, or use the delicate, no heat tumble setting on the dryer with a clean tennis ball, or dryer ball. Do not stuff back in stuff sack damp or wet.

How do I store my Thylacine?

Where your bag is stored when you're not sleeping in it affects its lifespan. Before storing after a camping trip, avoid gnarly smells and damaged fill by making sure your bag is completely dry. Then, store lightly stuffed in a large, breathable bag or hang in a dry location. This keeps your gear fluffy when stored for extended periods of time.

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Thylacine 40ºF

Thylacine 40ºF

Granite Gray