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Sustainably Made
Limited Edition
Product on backorder
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Swiftlet Extension Bar


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Expand your Swiftlet setup for full-length hangs in your hammock with the quick-deploying Swiftlet Extension Bar—made of durable, hardened steel for a lifetime of hangs.

Complete your setup:

Swiftlet addon
Swiftlet Portable Hammock Stand
Swiftlet Shade Kit addon
Swiftlet Shade Kit Swiftlet Accessory
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Swiftlet Cup Holder Swiftlet Accessory
Easy Setup
Tough as Nails
All-Weather Durability
Hammock Camping Capable
Tech Specs
FAQ & Care

Utilizes both the short and long bars of your Swiftlet portable hammock stand to create a full-length hammock setup.

Hammock camping with Swiftlet is now possible! Get an ultra flat lay in your Roo Double or Roo Double XL.

Allows taller users to have a flat, comfortable lay in their Swiftlet portable hammock stand.

Quick-release push pins allow for easy setup.

Made with a durable steel protected by a rust-resistant powder coating.

Conveniently packs into your existing Swiftlet carry bag.

Quick Tip: The Extension Bar is designed to have a snug fit to ensure safe hangs in your hammock. The Extension Bar may seem a bit tight on the first setup, but this will loosen quickly with use for fast and easy setups.

Tech Specs


1 x Swiftlet Extension Bar

Best Used for

Recreational use, backyard lounging, car camping, basecamp hammock camping


Unpacked Dimensions
L 9 x W 1.25 x H 1.5 in
L 22.9 x 3.2 x H 3.8 cm

Setup Dimensions

  • Adds 14 in (35.6 cm) to Swiftlet long bar setup.
  • Swiftlet Setup with Extension Bar:
    Footprint: L 88 x W 34 in | L 223.5 x 86 cm
    Ridgeline Length: 110 in | 279.4 cm


1.5 lb / 24 oz


Lounge Capacity
1-2 people

Sleep Capacity
1 person (recommended)

Max Weight Capacity
300 lb / 136 kg


Powder coated steel, coated spring steel


Works with Swiftlet portable hammock stand and accommodates Roo Double, Roo Double XL, and other camping-style hammocks with a minimum length of 124”

FAQ & Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Swiftlet Extension Bar work with my Mantis all-in-one hammock tent?

The Swiftlet Extension Bar does not make your Swiftlet compatible with your Mantis. The Outpost vehicle-mounted stand is compatible with Mantis for users who want to camp in treeless terrain.

What hammock will work with the Swiftlet Extension Bar setup?

A Swiftlet with an extension bar is not compatible with a Kammok Roo Single hammock—the hammock is too short for the setup. A Roo Double or Roo Double XL along with similar camping-style hammocks will work with the Swiftlet Extension Bar setup.

Swiftlet Extension Bar

Swiftlet Extension Bar