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Mantis UL

Ultralight backpacking hammock tent


The Mantis Ultralight™ is the ultimate backpacking hammock system, designed to lighten your load so you can lengthen your journey. With Levitas™ 20D nylon ripstop fabric and Python 10 Ultralight straps constructed with SpiraLine™, the Mantis Ultralight™ takes hammock camping to new heights.

  • Levitas™ 20D nylon ripstop fabric
  • Lightest all-in-one hammock tent
  • Trail weight less than 2 lbs
  • Four season adaptability
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Features + Specs
FAQs + Care Instructions
Features + Specs

Ultralight fabrics to lighten your load

The Mantis Ultralight™ is created from Levitas™ 20D nylon ripstop, the strongest, lightest hammock fabric in its class. The Mantis Ultralight's Python Ultralight straps are constructed with SpiraLine™ are 15 times stronger than steel and light enough to float on water. These innovations make the Mantis Ultralight™ the lightest all-in-one hammock tent with the highest strength-to-weight ratio.

The best sleep outside, even better

Sleep off the ground in a silky soft hammock enclosed in our Dragonet™ no-see-um mesh canopy for ultimate insect protection. The Mantis Ultralight™ all-in-one hammock tent features built-in pockets and a structural ridgeline to keep what you need close at hand. 

All-weather versatility

The Mantis Ultralight's customizable features provide shelter from the elements and allow you to shed weight when you need to. When the weather is nice and the night sky is clear, roll back the fly and look through Stargazer™ panel to provide exceptional contrast with the night sky - hello Milky Way.

Put your feet up in 60 seconds

Lighter than your tent and easier to set up, the portable Mantis UL hammock tent takes camp set-up to 60 seconds with a knotless suspension. No more knots, no more tent poles. It’s time to put your feet up faster. Early morning starts just became easier, too, with a quick tear-down.

Tech Specs

Best Use Case
Unpacked Dimensions
120" x 56"
Unpacked DImensions (fly)
136" x 88" (tapers down to 72" at foot end)
Packed Dimensions
8" x 6"
Packed ‘Compressed’ Dimensions
6" x 6"
Packaged Weight (oz)
2 lb 3 oz
Trail weight w/out rainfly
1 lb 2.7 oz
Trail weight w/ rainfly
1 lb 15.5 oz
What’s included in the trail weight?
Hammock Body, Mesh Canopy, Structural Ridgeline, (2) Kanga Claws, Rainfly (including 6 guy outs), (2) Python 10' UL Straps
Weight Capacity
300 lb
Sleep Capacity
1 person
Hammock Fabric
Levitas™ 20D nylon diamond ripstop DWR
Canopy Fabric
Dragonet™ mesh with Stargazer™ panel optimal contrast with night sky
Fly Fabric
Patagium™ 15D nylon diamond ripstop nylon 1,500 PU/Silicone/DWR
Product Water Proofing Treatment
Stuff Sack Material(s)
Stuff Sack Water Proofing Treatment
Patagium™ 15D nylon diamond ripstop nylon 1,500mm PU/Silicone/DWR
Warmth Rating
Other key specs
Mantis fly
11.3 oz / 321 g (comes with 6 guy outs and 2 knotless hooks)
(2) Python 10 Ultralight
2.9 oz / 85.05 g (no stuff sack)
Mini Kanga
13 g / 0.5 oz (1 oz total for both)
6 DAC Stakes
2.3 oz/ 66g (total for 6)
2 shock cord guy-outs with knotless hooks
0.8oz/22.68g (total for 2)
Mantis UL body w/ out mesh (with mini Kanga & continuous loops)
10.9oz/ 311g
5.3 oz / 152 g
Stuff sack
1.0 oz / 43 g
Ridgeline length

Mantis UL Components

Mantis UL™ includes
- 1 x Hammock body with suspension including 2 patented mini 13kN Kanga Claw carabiners, SpiraLine™ ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene ‘continuous loops’ and 13kN Kanga Claws for suspension ensure safe weight loads up to 300 lb
- 4 x hammock guy outs each with aluminum knotless hooks (Guy outs are 1.5 mm reflective cord)
- 1 x Bug net (removable)
- 1 x Integrated structural ridgeline (SpriaLine™ ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene cord ensures a perfect hang angle every time)
- 1 x Rain fly (Patagium™ 15D diamond ripstop nylon 1,500 PU/Silicone/DWR)
- 4 x rain fly guy outs (each with aluminum knotless hooks)
- 8 x Hypalon-reinforced guy out points with built-in linelocks
- 2 x Python 10 UL Straps
- 6 x Dac J-Stakes
- 1 x Dual-compartment roll top stuff sack (Patagium™ 15D nylon diamond ripstop nylon 1,500 PU/Silicone/DWR)
Care Instructions / FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the fabrics of the Mantis and Mantis Ultralight different?

The 20D Mantis UL fabric is lighter weight and more breathable with a 300lb weight capacity, while the 40D Mantis fabric has an extra softening treatment and a 500lb weight capacity. The different fabric weights and treatments make for a different hand feel, but both hammocks are quite comfortable!

What is the length of the Mantis UL hammock compared to the Roo Double?

The dimensions of the Mantis UL hammock are 120" x 56". The length is the same as our Roo Double, and a slightly more narrow width. Here’s the unpacked dimensions of each:Mantis UL hammock: 120" x 56" Roo Double hammock: 120" x 67".

What are the dimensions of the Mantis UL rain fly?

The unpacked dimensions of the rain fly are 136" x 88" (tapers down to 72" at foot end)

Is the Mantis UL treated with water repellants?

Yes, the Mantis hammock tent's Levitas™ 20D nylon diamond ripstop fabric is treated with a durable water repellant (and fluorocarbon free) finish. The Mantis rain fly's Patagium™ 15D nylon diamond ripstop nylon fabric is also 1,500 PU/Silicone/DWR treated.

Does the Mantis UL integrate with the Firebelly or Bobcat trail quilts?

Yes, gear loops along the sides of the Mantis UL can secure your trail quilt to the Mantis UL as a top quilt or underquilt.

Mantis UL setup Instructions

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Mantis UL

Mantis UL

Ember Orange
Moss Green
Granite Gray